It’s Been Just A Year!

The day held nothing special about it- the sun still rose from east, weather was still unbearably hot. But this day, right a year back, with my backpack, all alone, I had ventured on a new journey. I still remember that day and my whole journey vividly.
If I take you back with me in my flashback, you’d find it interestingly boring. Confused? Don’t worry. Even I was.

Before that day, my life was simpler. I used to wander around from hole to hole; help my parents to gather food; learn the techniques to avoid getting trampled; understand the psychology of humans’ kids, who in their spare time, on the sight of an ant try to create a ‘Khatro-ke-Khiladi(Fear Factor) set for them; and also how to withstand gushes of wind and puddles which are found often in the outer world. It had been seven months since I started learning these techniques and practicing them among my friends, but I never had an opportunity to use those techniques for real. My parents being so protective of me never had let me go out of our colony. All I had seen in my seven months of life was only ants and more ants; never a real human or any other living being. Had only heard how dangerous the outer world was.

But I always wanted to see what that dangerous world looked like; how my elders survived in such world. And so one evening I took on to this dangerous world, all on my own. I was nervous. I was excited. I was exhilarated. But above all I was brave and bold enough to embrace that new challenge.

When I took off and entered in that world, inhaled that air, I must say- I, for the first time in my entire life, felt liberated.

But with excitement comes danger, and for me danger didn’t take much time to knock my door. (It didn’t knock technically, it knocked my door off.) Within a few minutes of my entry in that new world, I sensed a swarm of footsteps coming into my direction. Before I could notice and analyze whose those feet were, I hustled inside a nearby hole.
“Phew! I just saved my life! I dodged my first encounter to danger.” I must had patted myself on my back; I am not sure though.

When the noise dropped down, I peeped out of the hole. Yes, they all were gone and so I took my backpack, which had some food, and started off towards a huge, wide road.

“This world is so different than the one I used to live in till now.” My mind was thrilled seeing such huge monuments and oh! the humans and animals. When I saw a human for the very first time, I was mesmerized. My parents and relatives had told me about how humans have two long legs and arms and eyes…. I had presumed that they had everything in a pair. But no, I was wrong.  They had only one nose, one mouth and I saw one with only one arm too; these humans with one arm must be special beings.
Another thing that was missing in humans was a tail. I had always imagined all the humans and animals with tails; but only animals had that.

I kept on walking for the first few days; delighted I was, but I couldn’t find any of my people. None. Nil. Those techniques and lessons that I learned in my colony were vivid in my mind, but I didn’t know if I were using them right. Also, my parents had told when, one day, I would go out in that dangerous world, I’d invent my own new ways of surviving there; but it had been a good one week and I was nowhere near to invent anything new.

Finally after a few days, I found someone. She was from the colony I never had been to. She too, like me, was out in this world with her backpack for the first time. We both were thrilled on finding at least one of us out there.

Both of us discovered new places- dark, scary, snowy, and a lot more. It had been a month and voila! my parents were right. I had discovered a new technique of dodging the footsteps.

My initial inhibition was over. My fear to be stepped upon was constantly there in the back of my mind; but with six months gone, I had become, well, an efficient survivor.

I was amazed on realizing my own strength, which till then I myself was unaware of. The way I managed to survive even under the extreme conditions of windy weather, you should have seen me tackling it. I was pretty good in it. Really!

I and my friend had parted our ways, happily, after four months of our acquaintance as both of us wanted to explore different range of things. But within the course of six months, I met so many of my own, mostly grown-ups- they shared their wisdom with me and also gave me their address in case of any help or emergency I would ever face.
Then there were many backpackers like me too. I gelled up with most of them; some were really rude though, I’d confess. Rude ones thought they were being honest but there are other ways too of being honest than being coldly blunt.

During that one year of my venture, there had been days when I stayed days and nights in a hole. I used to overburden myself with the schedules and then needed some time off.

Today, on 1st July, when I look back to the day when I took off to this journey of mine, I realize that to make any day different it’s not sun that has to rise from east or set in west.  I look at myself today and see a grown, wiser, and improved version of myself. I made mistakes at which today when I look, I laugh at myself; I went into wrong directions too; but I always knew it’d be right in the end if I kept going.

And here I am today- with a wonderful experience and hope of similar and better experience in future.

PSTechnically, this post should have been up on 1st July. But I was in my hole. Hope you’d not mind reading it a day letter.

Happy Anniversary to my blog ‘Idle Muser’ in this world of blogosphere! cheers


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29 thoughts on “It’s Been Just A Year!

  1. Congrats Aditi. I have stored your number as Aditi – The Writer. Not today. Not even an year back. I think, it is just before, you started your blog. Your commitment to writing is amazing and keep up the spirit. Somehow, I would not be able to read anything without a need in my mind; but, whenever I had a question, I look for solutions within me and as well as outside. I must admit, I had read your articles, when I had an internal need to read it and your writing has given clarity to my questions. Thanks Aditi and keep shining.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Being a writer it will be ironical to say that I am short of words, but such genuine appreciative comments do leave me speechless, sir.
      It hasn’t been much time that I have gotten into (serious) writing, and you are one of those few who have actually started off with me in my journey. You have always supported my writing (since the time I confided my inclination towards writing in you) through your suggestions and advices. I am extremely blessed to have a mentor like you.
      Thank you so much for your wishes, sir! Can’t tell you how satiating it is to realize that my write-ups could help you in any possible way; that is one of my major reasons I write.🙂


  2. Congrats Aditi! Its been an year since you bound us with your amazing writings and especially confused me with your stories as i always tend to assume whether they are fictional or non fictional.
    You are blessed with artistry over the words and i love your style of storytelling from day one since i visited your blog( i remember that birthday post 😂) i guess i should wish you belated birthday too😛
    Keep writing as you’ll have a long way to go.🙏😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Prashantt! ❤ 🙂
      To answer your first question (a statement, well)- here all the stories that I write are fictional, composed of threads of reality from here and there, sometimes from my life too and sometimes not. 😉
      It feels amazing to have somebody reading you on regular basis (even when you don’t do the same. Will crash down at your place soon, Prashantt. Professional life has taken toll over my reading others’ blogs.)
      Thanks for the belated wishes as well! 😀 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am also not able to read & write the blogs of on regular basis although it always feels great to read your words on my comment section😉Yess,whenever you’ll crash down st Delhi,do let me know..haha
        Anyone will be regular to Fresh concepts,new thoughts & wonderful writing so keep going on as you have a long way to go.
        Stay blessed and keep writing!📝?😇🙏

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  3. Happy anniversary to you.

    I would say that when you call yourself Idle Muser you are stating half truth. Half of yr name is true which is Muser. And this Muser has never been Idle. Mind you. It has been working furiously all through the last year.

    You have improved tremendously in last one year. It seems that you have been constantly striving for improvement and your efforts have shown the results.

    Wishing you all the very best for your future works.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!😍😍
      What a treat this is to my eyes! Woah!😃
      Perhaps, you are right; I wrote not when I was Idle, but I never was Idle because I wrote. Constant struggle of managing job with life with writing was always on and still on.

      And I am glad some people, like you, out there don’t fail to notice it- the struggle, the improvement (if any). Thanks a lot for your wishes!☺️


  4. Hey aditi, Congratulations!
    It’s wonderful to see you doing so well within such a short span. There is a long long way ahead! Cannot wait to read your first book!

    Also, Happy Birthday to both aditi and idle muser. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sanya!😘😘
      This one year passed in such a hush that before I could realize, I was crafting the celebration of my first year’s completion.
      Book- You’d be one of those few who will know about it when I would plan on to it.😍😁

      And thanks for the birthday wishes too!😋😘


  5. Hey Aditi, congratulations dear. That’s a milestone and you’ve achieved so much in just a year. I have always loved your work, they have made me laugh, wonder and sometimes even motivated me! Lookong forward to many more😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, girl!😘
      This, your appreciation, means a lot to me. My writings’ are meant to have some or the other surreal effect on the readers; if they don’t, that would be their bad-luck.
      I hope I don’t fail to keep on entertaining you with my write-ups.😁


    1. Thank you so much!😃
      I am glad it did keep your interest. Paranoia was hitting me (not literally😛) when nobody commented/ mentioned about the story, that I did not present it the way I should had. But now it’s gone, the paranoia.😁


    1. Thank you so much, Lynne!😃
      Lately, you have become one of those people here whose place I remember to check, about whom I talk to my parents.☺️
      And thanks, again, for noticing the presentation too; I was wishing to have at least a few eyes noticing it.😛


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