Back with a boom, a wishful thinking!

Hey! She came back from her break. Wasn’t she supposed to come in March? Quite a few days have passed; a person gets bored when the break is a bit long. Or maybe she has some happening news to share with us? Oh! Wait. Wait. Did she end up grabbing some amazing project? Or did she meet Enrique Iglesias?

Oh! The last novel thought of yours gave me a HEART ATTACK. How I wish he could be my lover! If you haven’t heard his songs, above two lines must be nothing more than some jittery statements for you.
And for the rest of your conjectures, I would disappoint you with sharing nothing of great significance.


But yes, thanks for your wishful thinking, though only your last shot was quite something to get qualified for being wishful.

What is wishful thinking? Is it at a level higher than optimism? Well, it actually has its throne at the topmost level of being unrealistic, which is way higher than being optimistic, and thus, the distance between being pessimistic and wishful thinker can’t be even considered measurable. What makes one’s thinking wishful? Is it bad to have such an overly-positive or unrealistic mindset? A definite yes! But how about looking upon the one sitting on the throne a level lower than the one of wishful thinking? Hope. Hope has never killed anyone, or has it? Skepticism, on the other hand, erodes its vessel with every passing moment and eventually rust takes it all over. How?

Doubting everything around, a sign of leading careful life (or shall I say unduly-careful life?), makes one so annoying that he/she doesn’t need someone else to get annoyed, as the presence of their self-being is enough for them to do that. Some are born this way, with this nature, while some thank their life for doing the honors.
But is being sanguine, almost all the time, either a wise thing to be? For me, it is. If something we were hoping doesn’t turn out that way at 100th second, we at least stayed happy for those 99 seconds. Had we been in the pessimistic zone during those 99 seconds, too, we could have been jubilant or maybe glad not even for a millisecond.

Then you might say – how about the manifold disappointment I would face after being positive only to meet with failure or unwanted result at the end? Well, nobody did ever say that life is fair. It never was and will never be. If it offers you something, it probably wants something in return.

Life offers the smiles and laughter and anti-anxiety pills for ninety nine seconds, to receive that one second of agony back from us.

But this seems a better deal to me than not having even a single second of positivity.

Positive attracts positive, and negative does the same to negative. Physics rule of attraction doesn’t apply in life, and that is the reason I have always despised Physics. I mean why to study what I am never going to see happening in my life (I know, most of its theories are applicable in real-life).

Not always will a smile attract smile, but when the smile prolongs for quite a long time, it does get back one. Not always a positive mind will charm a positive incident, but after sometime it certainly will.

If we already give up to the skepticism, we might lose even before the race begins. And if we always walk with rosiness by our side, we might not win the race, but we definitely would finish the race, at least. With whom do we compete in this race? With ourselves. With our fears. With our anxieties. With our nerves. And I am certain that we can win, we can leave behind our fears and anxieties, if only we dare to try. But shouldn’t we try learning to rather finish the race along with enjoying it before heading towards learning to win it? Bit confusing?

Learn to finish the race along with enjoying the journey -> Learn to win it.

Doesn’t this sound a bit wiser or a better thing to do? Well, it sounds that way, at least to me.

So, my early comeback, which actually isn’t that early too, is nothing like a boom, but I hope it is nothing like a mewl either.


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16 thoughts on “Back with a boom, a wishful thinking!

  1. Hey! Aditi..good to you back with a beautiful and energetic post.I am on the same page with you on this consent as i always thought life is what we think and morever i have seen & feel it from my personal experience so its better to think positives as doubts and agony are part of life but with 99% of investment in smiles we can atleast able to cover a journey that seems to be impossible with negativity in mind and most of the times we ruined some cherising moments of life because of that 1% of negativity.
    I enjoyed this reading this writeup specially the red highlighted stinkers.
    I need to read the first timers writeup that i always missed..i hope you enjoyed your break.
    Have a great weekend & week ahead🙋😊

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    1. This is exactly what I was talking about Prashantt.👍 Only positive attitude can attract positive outcomes.😃
      The first-timers is actually for first-timers only. But you of course can pay a visit to that place too. Tell me how did you find it.😁 And yeah break was bit fun.
      You too have an eventful week ahead!☺️

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  2. You talked about the levels,and how wishful thinking is higher than hope. But what is actually the difference?
    Is it the doubt? Are you saying that hope carries with it a little doubt?
    The main problem as i see is that the wishful thinkers never exists, because doubt can never be eliminated, and those who thinks that they are without a doubt, then either they are in a illusion or they are perfect. And if they are perfect then wishful thinking will not harm contrary to what you said, i see only two levels, positive and negative..

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    1. We can view wishful thinking as witnessing Titanic in front of our eyes, and wishing and hoping that just somehow or anyhow it doesn’t sink; that is impossible. Isn’t it?
      Such are the people who are wishful thinkers. What differentiates optimistic people from them is hoping for the best but with the sense of practicality in mind.
      Now pessimism doesn’t need any explaination; it is just about fretting and diminishing even the slightest of the chances of positive outcome.
      On the closing note I would say-wishful thinking can never enrich anything or anyone. It is like living in the happiest part of the world where practicality is despised.

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      1. okay..but hear me out..
        suppose you are thinking in your mind that titanic will not sink. But you have to admit that there is a doubt in some corner of your mind in thinking what I want to say is that wishful thinking does not exist. If you think that the ship will not sink, and you are thinking it without any doubt then it will not sink, i believe so. but hundred percent faith is not achievable, and if someone achieves that stage, then it will work. on the same grounds, pessimism too is an illusion, like hope exists with doubt, pessimism also exists with a little hope. There is no person who is alive has no hope. he is alive because he hopes for things to be better. so i think that wishful thinkers just pretend to be so perfect, and they just dont show their doubts to anyone. and if someone is a real wishful thinker, without any doubt, then i dont see why he can not move mountains..

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        1. I do see your point. But I just want to paint my mind’s picture which has no place for wishful thinking (for serious matters). Optimism can do wonders unlike its polars-pessimism and wishful thinking.

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          1. Forgive me..but it is my problem..too much philosophy is really bad..and you are very much correct, with your thinking you will definitely do great…
            But i cant help it..i will read and comment. And you will do the same i hope..

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            1. Ah sure!
              There’s nothing that I am trying or asking you or anybody to practice. It’s just what has worked and is still working for me. Probably what you are stating works for you. So, we both are sharing our experiences, our views, and that, for me, is perfectly fine and nothing to apologize for.😊
              We both, it seems, have polar apart perspectives.😁 It’s healthy to know about yours.

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  3. Well, I suppose these days I go for the middle ground, I try to be positive and avoid the negative, staying somewhere in between. I don’t think think wishfully anymore (I have done in the past, got burned, and you should learn something from your experiences) but a little creeps in now and again, because I’m essentially a romantic at heart. I’m married to a pessimist, so it has been tough, though we love each other deeply. The middle ground works best for me. Interesting post! And its quite complex when you start trying to figure it out!

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    1. Thank you!😊
      When we speak, it’s not words that spurt out of our mouth but our experiences. And that is what is/should be the grounds of the generalization that goes something like-with age comes wisdom.
      What you mentioned here made me think, think that staying at the middle of the grounds is actually the best/ideal practice. If nothing would be gained with staying at that place, nothing would be lost either.
      But for now I will take the risk of losing. I will stay optimistic (not wishful) with as much vigor as possible. This has worked for me till now.
      Middle ground might come into the picture of my life sometime later.
      Thanks for sharing your views. They added a new perspective.☺️

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  4. Wonderful, wonderful and oh so wonderful. The idea of having a sort of midway between optimism and pessimism is honestly remarkable. The path of living in positivity and happiness along with constant efforts in life is something most of us need to inculcate in our lives. I’ve tried to but it’s hard, regardless, will keep trying.
    Really enjoyed reading this.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sure girl. Keep trying. Result that it will yield is worth all your efforts.☺️
      Anything worth having is never achieved easily, and well if it has been achieved with little or no efforts, you know that it won’t be as great as a jewel to cherish either.

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