“Finally, here it is. The pinnacle of my life! I am the writer, the author, the storyteller, whatever you like to call one of those. Yes, I am the one today with those thirty years dusted behind.”

They say you become what you believe of you. They say all you need to do is believe in yourself, have faith within and nothing would be unconquerable. They say faith is the key, a key to unlock those seemingly impossible-to-open chambers, a key to unlock those magical locks which are hidden from the eyes of folks.

I have been listening to them since I was a child. Kids, as curious as they are, persuading them doesn’t take much of one’s arguments and actions. A bit of convincing story, a sweet smile, a candy or two in one hand, and they believe it. I was no exception. How could I be! As an average grader since nursery standard (if we can call nursery one), I took my own time to learn what could be learnt in a few days.

I did my high-school and without impinging a motivational story of ‘how an average hit the highest score through his hard work’ completed my grad school too with the marks not so good to be looked upon but with a belief within me-‘You become what you believe of you.’ And see today here I am, in front and among you all the scholars and Doctorate degree holders. It was this belief that has done most of the part than anything else. Had I not believed in myself, would, as part of this fraternity, have I been here? Would you people be listening to me blabbering? Yes, of course if not blabber then what is it? A sophisticated term, like discoursing, might look better for this occasion. But let me be honest and let these statements of mine fall under blabbering.

I trusted those wise people, their belief on belief made me have my belief for me so strong and deep-rooted that this, I standing in front of you, is its result. I did tell you a lot about belief but there are a few things that you might be unaware of, a few itty-bitty behind-the-scenes details.

What I didn’t tell you about is those New Year’s nights when everybody was busy with kissing and hugging the New Year holding the glass of champagne in their hands, I was busy in front of my computer screen studying language. Also what I skipped telling you about is the countless social hangouts that I missed in my twenties to learn about the narration style.  Another minor detail of me waking up early, completing my daily chores, and essential but trivial activities as soon as possible to get engrossed back in those fat classics or light reads. Scores of movies, concerts and parties are just few of the minor occasions I ditched to finish my writing practices. Puffy eyes, bit of sleepiness during the non-essential activities of the day were just few of the pennies I did pay to cover up my lagging agendas the previous nights.

If all of that was the price I had to pay to be here today, am I even supposed to think about regretting it? A yes from you would be accepted with the tinge of sarcasm that it holds. With my faith leading me for those ten years, the abandonments I made (happily though and with a heavy heart at times) were for a reason, a reason much stronger than the thought of passing the youth with making a lot of memories. I did make memories, maybe a bit lesser than others, maybe a bit plainer too, but this memory, this particular one that I am weaving here on this podium is something I had dreamt of when I was a kid and used to look at stars with a curious mind.

“When will I sit on one of those twinkles, mom?” I would ask her.


“One day, my son, one day.” She would reply.


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22 thoughts on “BEHIND-THE-SCENES Efforts!

  1. First, congrats to you on your achievements. Secondly, a pat on your back for those sacrifices. You should not have regrets because you came up a winner theough it all. They say the top is a lovely place and for a good reason. Only the best make it there, only the ones who slog for it. You are one, rejoice!

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    1. This, Pradita, was actually a piece of fiction, with, of course, many elements of reality scattered around. But all the warmth and genuineness, with which you appreciated it here, I am touched.
      Thank you for reading it. 🙂

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  2. Is this matter if it is or not but one thing is sure that you are blessed with boon of artistry on words and certainly have a long way to go.I remember i initiated reading your blogs as i love the way you depicts strong messages via profound storytelling so i assume this post holds a message for readers as well as reflecting your beautiful creative skills that makes one think it as a real story.
    I read the first timers post and love the way you managed your page.
    Have a great time ahead & wish you all success for future endeavours.👍👍😊

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    1. Thank you so much Prashantt!😍😍
      Words like these keep me going. And honest feedbacks push me to become better, which becomes daunting at times, but all those dark times are worth these kind of feedbacks.☺️
      That first-timers page is the only thing I created without giving any much thought.😅 Tried to look bit humorous through it.😛

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      1. Your welcome though you are among few bloggers here i followed seriously for the reads.Keep writings & yes,humour is one of the important aspect of our life to lighten ourselves when we all are trapped in so many unwanted unfold mysteries.

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  3. Beautiful ❤ it made me so happy to see someone so happy about their hardwork paying off. Believe me, this platform has made me so happy too😄❤
    Although, it would be a bummer if you told me this was a piece of fiction because you can’t write something so passionate without it having some links to reality. Besides, I don’t want it to be a fiction!

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    1. 😄 Thank you so much girl!😘😘
      I would hate to give you any bummers. So let’s just say that it does have the link, link to realism of somebody’s future.😁
      Your comments always brighten my days up!❤️

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    1. Well, not my experience; I hope last two sentences of the write-up make it pretty clear.
      It is fiction from my end, but I am sure it does have the scent of realism about someone’s life not known to me yet.☺️

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