What’s GREEN TEA got to do with it?

I, with utter delight and a wave of pride, would like to share with you that finally drinking green tea has become one of the integral parts of my daily routine. It really took me quite a good amount of time, months to be precise, to get connected with green tea to that comfort level. And yes, green tea without sugar. So yeah, not a huge caffeine-lover, but how about a green-tea lover? Needless to say, but still I will answer it with a node of approval. This-being a ‘green-tea lover’ is definitely not something to dedicate a whole post to, and I won’t do that either. But you got to use something different, as they say, anything but nothing cliché, to make your eyes linger for at least next one passage, if not more.

What was the point of discussing green-tea actually? My assurance goes with you that you will realize its importance by the time you reach the end.

So, have you ever been a cry-baby over how you thought the things will proceed, and how disastrous they, in reality, turned out?


I have been there, and am in no way ashamed to accept the fact that I see myself there in future too. So if you were hesitant to nod at the first place, you need not to be. I am there beside you.

We do not plan much and let ourselves drift along with the flow. A lot of times we are even advised to do so by renowned psychologists and experts themselves. I am in no way shrugging off their advice, but just reminding you and myself that this particular advice is for certain particular situations, which we seldom find ourselves in. Most of the times, we got to plan, we should plan if we really are serious about that particular goal. As the famous adage goes-Failing to plan is planning to fail. But don’t they also say that “Failure is the building pillar of success”? Oh! They do. So shall I stick with former or latter? Not a tricky question to get befuddled upon. I hope you know your answer.

But with planning comes another term, a term we are so much habitual to hear that now when I say it, it will hold the quality of anything but banal. You know what? I already did use a form of that term in the first sentence itself. The term is-habit. Yes,

habit is the root, the crust, the foundation which will be the ultimate decider of the strength of your future.

Here goes a few kilos of impure cement and weak columns, and there you compromised with your future.

A lot of times we don’t even know if it’s THE bad habit.

It is not a hidden fact that the construction of the foundation of a building takes considerable time, and the same goes for the formation of habits. Have you ever said that you formed the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day in a week; I can bet you are lying. Yes, that sure I am about this. Not only logically, but practically too, as I am one of those two-times a day. Inculcating a new habit, making it more like a ritual is in no way an easy task. 21-days rule is nothing new and so I will suggest you to try it. Though for me it didn’t work exactly the way it was supposed to. But it does help. Give it a shot.

Even planning is a habit. You just cannot wake up one day, and say from today on I will be a planner. Chances are-you will fail. But with this I will say-Try again tomorrow. Then again the next day, and then yet again. Keep it going until finally you sit down to plan your TO-DO list. This is how you become habitual to habit. Habit will not ditch you if you don’t have the same intention in the initial stage of your relationship.

Just another not-so-important statement-I still am hoping that one day I will get into the habit of maintaining my journal, which for now I see once in a month or maybe even in two. That too just see. This is my continuous third year to trying maintaining one, and my zealousness hasn’t got even a bit lesser. This is just to support the fact stated earlier that only trying again and again without failing to try yet again will turn the master into your slave.

But never ever let this slave get unleashed. The moment you do, there you will have to start from the root, again. No matter for how long you have that habit in your repertoire, if you let the habit go loose, in no time you will find yourself being on the leash of your habit.

Crux of this would be to get into the habit of planning first, and then look forward towards getting good in planning.


I hope, by now, green-tea must have made its point clear to you!


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20 thoughts on “What’s GREEN TEA got to do with it?

  1. Ha ha.. I had so many laughs reading this. Reasons being:

    I hate green tea. I dont how how people manage to drink it.
    I brush twice a day, since many years now
    Have been writing daily diary since last 10+ years (blogging since near 3 years)
    I plan most of my works. Like since my childhood (weekly/monthly, depends on task at hand).

    I get the metaphor of this post. It is must called for. The examples you took related me the most! 🙂 Awesome read.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Prakash!😊
      For falling in love with green-tea, you have to force yourself to love it for a few days (or weeks or months. Depends.). Otherwise, I would also never know how people get to drink it.😛
      Planning is my favorite part!😍 And failing to follow it can lead to depression (too strong a word.)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoyed reading the post and
    so true that often we don’t know if our habits our good or bad.Although,I’m a big fan if green tea,other things too need to be implied.Sigh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, girl!😊
      Habits is a general term; it’s the prefixed adjective-good or bad that plays the major role and the sooner we realize the difference between our good habits and the bad ones, the better.
      Green tea is definitely a joy!😇


    1. Hey Kris!
      Truly stated. A planned day, if followed, gives an immense feel of accomplishment.☺️
      Mostly everybody start their day with tea, and here I am, who drink whenever and as many times as I feel like.😁

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a really great post on Habits and the importance of their existence. Failing to plan is indeed planning to fail and like you’ve said a person who’s serious about a dream has to be in the habit to work for it.
    Very well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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