You leave hope, hope doesn’t leave you!

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Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic.
― Laini Taylor

If it doesn’t rain for days, does peacock give up on enjoying whenever it rains next?
If an ant falls off a wall while climbing, does it give up on climbing again?
If a turtle gets into a race with a rabbit, does it not give its best until it reaches its destination? Or does it leave the race in between?If the clouds block the rays of the Sun for few days, do sunflowers not face the sun whenever it comes out with its full might beneath those clouds?

When they all don’t give up, why do you?

Nobody has ever succeeded in their first attempt, barring the exceptions. First attempt comes with lot of failures disguising numerous lessons. One cannot afford to miss such lessons. These learnt lessons will prove to be your assets, as they will guide you while attempting for bigger projects or goals.
Failure becomes a failure when you don’t learn the lesson from it.

Then there are ones who regret to not attempt even for once.

‘I wish I had taken that train to Mumbai, India’ – said an aspiring actor.
‘I wish I had at least tried to audition for that show’ – said an aspiring singer.
‘I wish I had taken GMAT test’ – said an aspiring MBA candidate.
‘I wish I had taken the chance of writing for them’ – said an aspiring writer.
‘I wish I had joined the college team’ – said an aspiring Basketball player.

You know what they all had in common?
A regret – a sour and a bitter one, which if they had handled the other way, they might have stood a chance of becoming what they had aspired to.You never know what a small chance taken by you can lead you to.

Maybe that train’s destination could have made him what he wanted to be.
Maybe that show could have turned him into the next rising singing sensation.
Maybe that attempt of GMAT could have got him into a good university.
Maybe that one writing could have led him to bigger writing projects.
Maybe joining that team could have made him one of the best basketball players.

It’s MAYBE for all. The other obvious part is Maybe Not. But without even trying how do you know that it would be the latter part that you will land with. How can you be so icy to yourself.
Your biggest believer is YOU, YOURSELF!
If you fail to believe in yourself, your dreams, your beliefs, your hopes, no other accreditation matters.


‘I can’t run anymore. My body is screaming for rest.’, she said to her coach.

‘Is your heart also howling for help? Will you be provided any help for winning tomorrow’s final race?’

Sometimes our body tries to control us. It sends signals to brain to stop and our brain agrees. But it is the heart that stands as a stumbling block. Heart tries to remind you of your goal, your endurance, your will-power, your strength. The moment your brain receives the signals of your heart, it lets go off your body’s signals. A line that can awaken one’s latent potential, which has dozed off, is all that is needed.But not all the time can we seek for such igniting liners. At times you got to remind yourself of your front burner, the foremost, ultimate goal of your existence.
You gotta be your own knight in shining armor.

The four examples I mentioned in the start of my writing are very naive ones. So is the concept of hope. Hope keeps you reminding of itself through such simple and innocent episodes.

When you give up, you leave hope; hope doesn’t leave you.

But do remember, hope doesn’t lead you to your destination. It is mere an igniter which will keep you at your feet, it’s YOU who will have to do the walking.

Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper.
― Francis Bacon

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60 thoughts on “You leave hope, hope doesn’t leave you!

  1. Hi I just ran into your blog and I must say you are an amazing writer. I loved the wonderful work of storytelling with a beautiful message. I am a newbie here so I know a very few people in this vast world. Would you mind to check out my blog as you have written that you might like reading stories so, I just thought you would like to take a visit on my blog?
    kudos to ur writing…
    Stay blessed and Keep Writing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh hey!
      Welcome to blogging world.😊
      Well as you know this much about me, I’m sure you went through my ‘About’ page quite deeply, and I’m really thankful to you for that.☺
      Thank you for all the appreciation.😊
      And of course I’ll go through your blog, tomorrow. Would love to read your writings.😃

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  2. This is a great post! I love that you chose Laini Taylor’s quote from Daughter of smoke and Bone.
    Hope is an amazing thing, indeed!
    Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m enjoying yours as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am fond of movies..even the flopped ones..there was a Bollywood movie tees maar khan. There was a funny scene in it, Akshay Kumar asks Katrina kaif jao jao or makeup poto and everyone laughs, it would have been funnier if she would have asked jao jao or note chapo and he goes and by the time katrina ka make up or Akshay Kumar k note chape, dono 20 saal buddhe hogye or bahut note chape or bahut make up lagaya. Or fir ek ne makeup utarne me or doosre ne note ginne me 10 saal or nikal diye or 30 saal beet gye. Both were productively busy and did a commendable job so big applaud or sympathy. I chose sympathy. Both were equally stupid. Rather than starving for zero figure or going sleepless for minting money, learn to strike a balance and live in between.
    It’s not about the money money money,
    We don’t need your money money money,
    We want to make the world dance,
    Forget about the price tag.
    That’s my hope that people could distinguish between sense and nonsense and their relative usage.

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  4. I disagree. It’s important to know when to stop pushing the walls that won’t budge. Hope is as good as sensing the signals your body is sending you. Not everyone has the stamina for bhaag milkha bhaag or forest gump so why kill yourself in the process. Why kill yourselves proving yourself or the benchmarks set by some sanki who was desperate to write the rules of the game. If winning comes at the cost of losing everything, I would rather be a loser with my everything. I pity those who value cars more than lives.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol!
      Our paths can never meet each other’s.😄
      Though I agree with you on whatever you said.
      Pushing oneself to what one is capable of needs will-power.
      But one needs to push walls to check if he can budge them. All walls are not that strong, and all people are not that weak.
      To check if something is our cup of coffee, we need to at least taste it once.
      It’s wisdom to give upon something which we don’t hold the capability of. Not everyone has a melodious voice or an artistic eye or an imaginative mind. So one should keep on pushing a wall, which he believes he can, which he holds the aptitude of.
      Sometimes it’s not about cars or big house or money. It’s all about a small house with a lovable job.🙂
      But yeah loosing one’s everything for a single thing, I don’t know, maybe right thing to do or maybe wrong too. It all depends. Type of personality, dreams, circumstances, dilemmas, lot of things count.


  5. Firstly, I like your message here, to hold on to hope. Secondly, the simple flow of language with dialogues and quotes just made the reading a fun ride. Your style, Aditi, is nice… you must explore it further. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Very well said… Yes, instead of living with regrets, one can take up whatever the life has to offer… At least your heart will be at peace that you tried no matter what, even if you failed… Failure is the best teacher… Don’t be afraid of failure.. Have the courage to try.

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