Break the chains having shackled you down!

How do you feel when smashed down by some douche bag? A question having a common answer – Of course, nothing close to good. So I intended to ask a stupid question, and I did too.
How many times do we get hit by such birdbrains? Here we might face some varieties – Once, few times, a lot, every day.
Last one. What do we do after being knocked down? Again, we can have some variety. But let us focus on the most common answer – Get ready to be bashed by another live silliness.

We all (at least I think all of us) come across a point in our lives, sooner or later, when we get to know ourselves, the real selves, the wiser side shrouded by one’s dense ignorance. All of us have that side, trust me on this; we just come across it at different stages of our lives. Most realize it as early as in their teen years and a few as late as when they are over-the-hill. The latter case is not way beyond any hope, but as the human ages, his resistance to changes also grows stronger, which hampers his ability to change. So if you still haven’t come across it, no need to worry, as you are still in the radius of ‘getting rejuvenated’.

How will it affect you if I say – You hold a very bright future? Answer would probably be like,
Oh yeah! That’s what I wanted to hear.
Now, how would you feel if I ask you to cut your umbilical cord to that negative energy you have got yourself surrounded with? Yes, I know he/she is important to you so I referred the bond between you both as a crucial one. But you also know how important it is to cut that cord off to proceed in your life unhindered.


My only point is to DUMP people. Yes, you read that right. Dump that energy sapping douche bag (male/female), for your own good. I know DUMP is a very strong word. But if you will start thinking over it emotionally, you might never be able to achieve what you are capable of, only because you didn’t cut that cord, at the right time.

Actually we all know what caliber we all hold within ourselves, but are not willing to dump. Dumping a positive soul is your loss; but getting rid of a lamebrain will cost you nothing, rather it will let you dedicate more of yourself and your time to something that deserves it.

Every competence needs to be recognized first, and then can be expected to be nurtured.
Just like a mango’s seed, which first needs to be bedded within the soil and then can be expected to grow into a mango tree through nourishment. Just finding a seed is not enough, you need to plant it. Only a wise person would be able to do that.Similarly, recognizing one’s capabilities is like knowing there’s a seed. To plant it, you need to rise  your wiser part above the cloud of ignorance. And to become wise, you need to separate yourself from the one who neither can detach his/her opaqueness from his/her mind, nor lets you become discerning.

Don’t let a douche bag hamper the journey to your triumph.

Though it’s not only such negative people who hinder your way, there are number of other reasons too which make your journey problematic. But this is one of the major issues, resolving which should be at your priority list, while trying to unleash your wiser self.

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world : those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.
  -Ray Goforth

So stay away from both of them.

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30 thoughts on “Break the chains having shackled you down!

  1. There’s a Punjabi proverb –
    Banana jaande ho? ( Do you know how to make it?)
    A – bada aukha ( don’t know but know that it’s tough)

    Dhana jaande ho? ( Do you know how to wreck it?)
    A- do do hathi ( lemme give you a hand)

    Happy to help, but not to build but to wreck, that’s how the world works. So before you get tempted to pick the scissors, calm down and listen to your gut not your emotions.

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  2. Good views but I disagree again. Just like umbilical cord not every cord has got a purpose, if you twist and turn even the umbilical cord can strangle you though it doesn’t intend to. Dump him, dump him too, let him dump me and I can dump someone too. But how long will the chain go on? It might come at a price of being in an emotional dump in the later years of your life. You get, what everyone does, unees ekees ka fark (little plus or minus), what you get doesn’t matter much, because that’s written but what you do with it is totally your call. You can turn a 10 to 20 or 20 to 0 or 10 to negative depending upon how you treat it, be it your relationship with yourself or someone else. It’s just that you don’t have an option to dump yourself otherwise being critical can convince you for doing that too. Stray dogs are hooked by government or are mistreated so before you cut that umbilical cord analyse the trouble the one at other end has gone to accommodate and nourish you. If you aren’t being fed poison, which rarely is the case, think before using the scissors. Maybe different timezone again.

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    1. Hey!
      It’s good to hear from you again.😃
      I think you took all my views in a way they weren’t intended to be taken by.
      Nowhere did I write to dump everyone, your partner or your friend. I have asked to dump the negative energy which doesn’t let you grow. Now, be that anyone. In that case even if I, myself is a negative energy for someone, I should be dumped too. And it’s not any cycle in any way. If we get rid off negative energy at the right time, we will surely cherish our decision in future.
      I believe in the writing our own destiny. Or in that case fighting against already destined life to get what I want, or I feel I deserve. So don’t agree with your view of ‘what we get is already written.’
      No pain has ever been endured by an energy which was supposed to hold us down. So there’s no point to think about what other has done to nourish us.
      One can be fed with poison in form of negative talks, negative thoughts, negative environment, which isn’t even that rare as you mentioned. So yes, we should use those scissors before it gets too late and we sink into that negative whirl, loosing all before even achieving what we could.

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  3. nicely licked. i kinda like how cunningly you get yourself squirted into such deepen words.

    me too even happen to know that… life’s full of complications, perhaps, we’re the most complicated ones who make life pretty complex living. however, yet indeed it is also true, we don’t do it intentionally, cos… sometimes, some things happen or occur in life so fast that we hardly find THAT MUCH time to think over the analogies of life. if we even do, we hardly do things right.

    i find or meet douchebags everyday either across online or in real life, perhaps, i don’t blame ’em for anything cos… i also know that it was also me who encountered ’em in life whether intentionally or not. so ignoring ’em is more like ignoring oneself, however, it’s okay not to give a damn about ‘ em at all. such people (lovers or whoevers’) are nothing more than the party poopers or the real CAREER SPOILERS. so i guess, u talk real here, we must stay away from such filthy assholes. lol

    very nice. and kinda inspirational post. u taste good… in words. keep it up!

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