A well spent money is a well celebrated Karvachauth!

So well here we are, on this auspicious occasion of ‘Karvachauth’.

I know I got a bit late in posting this as Karvachauth was yesterday (19-10-2016). But if only I had all my time for writing there wouldn’t have been such delays.

DISCLAIMER – I have nothing against Karvachauth and respect those ladies who celebrate this day. It’s just one of the funny takes of mine on it.

To all my Indian readers, you already know what it is.
But my other readers, who don’t share the land of my nation, I will just give you the crux of this day.

It is the day when all married ladies or even unmarried (in the hope of getting A-OK husband) keep fast (which includes not drinking water too) for a whole day, for the long-life of their husbands. When moon appears at night, these ladies break their fast after doing some prayers and finally drink water and eat food.

Other pictures were too realistic!

So tough. Right? I know.
Ironically I find it both funny and sad at the same time, that this is the night when moon always makes its late-entry comparatively to the other nights. It always acts like a villain to these ladies, solely this night. Poor ladies.

It really is one of the most-celebrated festivals in India, maybe just trailing behind Diwali. Of course, it has to be considered as a festival as it makes Indians especially ladies to buy the prerequisites of this festival which have the potential of putting huge dents in their wallets.

But what really interests me more is the preparation for this day instead of this day itself. 😉

To start with the list, we will begin with clothing. Though this is a one-day celebration, but clothes are bought keeping the whole year in mind, I guess. 😀

How is it possible to let go off Footwear shops. I mean wearing new clothes without the matching pair of sandals or heels or pumps (I don’t know the names of other varieties). :p

Then we also have the duty of bolstering the earnings of cosmetics shops. So after clothing we proceed there to buy bangles which will cost some hefty amount from one’s pocket. These ‘TOOOO’ expensive bangles will be worn only on this one day of the year. Of course, new pair will be bought for next year’s occasion. How can you even think of ‘Repetition’? 😀
I mentioned bangles because these are the major attractions for this day, but there are other beautifying ornaments too which I am unaware of.

When it comes to some wealthy families’ ladies, they might spend some good amount in jewelry shops too. After all, how will these jewelers grow without their contribution. But middle-class people manage to work-out with some artificial sets, provided they are the new ones.

The business of road-side Hennawalas/walis bloom during this time. At every nook and corner we can see ladies getting their hands painted with henna (mehndi). The only people I feel sorry for are who don’t like the odor of henna. I am sure they curse this period of time when this odor haunts them.

Last but not the least – The beauty parlor session. Of course, it has to be the last otherwise all the hard work and time spent in that parlor might go unnoticed. 😉
Even these parlors’ owners take full advantage of this season by providing some special offers, blazing that customers’ money will be saved. But through such offers these owners will be the ones who will be benefitted at the end. But I don’t have anything against them. After all they are not in the market to serve you with win-win situation.

But then again there are ladies, like my mom, who are too cool to even get into special clothes. (laughing out loud) 😀
Cheers to such ladies. Pun intended. Come on lady, at least dress up. 😀

P.S. – On a serious note, I would like to share my belief on this day. I am fine with all those who keep these fasts willingly, whose body allows them to do so. But I have seen many girls and ladies whose body doesn’t allow them and still they push themselves to such an extent that they faint by the end of the day.

I personally don’t believe in the fact that this day’s fast, in any way, extends the life of one’s partner. It’s all about faith. If you want to express you love and respect to your partner then there are other ways too, than fasting for him. But if you feel that through fasting you can express your love better, go with it.
In fact, I would suggest you not to keep fast and go out to your favorite restaurant, grab your favorite area to sit, and enjoy the feast as most of the restaurant would be empty. Ok, that was not an intended pun. Really try what I said. 😉 😀

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53 thoughts on “A well spent money is a well celebrated Karvachauth!

  1. This is a take of someone who believes in Valentine’s day and Shahrukh Khan movies. What you described here is the Valentine’s day for married women while the original celebration is of commitment day like your mother celebrated without digging holes in your father’s pocket, understanding the fact that those resources should rather be utilised in your education and requirements.
    Love stories are easy like Valentine’s day. Commitment days and wedding demand self control, determination and dedication, that’s what the refrain from food and water is for.
    The getting all dolled up is just to cheer up the women and make them feel good about themselves, the way they did as a bride.
    You are in a different timezone of life currently. Where being a rebel works for you so cheers to that too.
    The modern day women are independent they can afford their expenses and wish list on their own, pay their bills, few of home, earn, buy or bake their bread while respecting the sanctity of the relationships.

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    1. Hey! I respect your views. Thanks for sharing them.😊
      Bit I would love to counter the part where I have been referred as fan of V-days and SRK.😉
      Irrfan Khan and Nawazudiin are the kind of actors I admire. This doesn’t mean I don’t like new actors emerging out in industry though.😉Neither I get into the celebrations of Valentine’s day or in thay case teddy day or chocolate day.
      I guess you didn’t go through my disclaimer part, where I had mentioned that it’s ONE OF MY funny takes on it. That means I have more views than this one.☺
      What I had mentioned was ‘their’ pocket which refers to their (women’s) own pocket only. I’m proud of the fact that we, independent ladies are capable of paying our own bills.
      I’m in a timezone where I don’t consider myself a rebel but rather a girl who doesn’t take it the way it comes, but questions it and accept or refrain from it accordingly. I am modern but conservative in my own ways.
      When it comes to showing commitment to one’s partner, it can done by various means than fasting for him. Plus it’s not even about commitment, the roots of this celebration on the belief that fasting will extend the lifetime of her partner. This belief is what I don’t hold onto. I’ve heard of cases where a DU girl fainted three times on this day given her fasting. Other than that whatever I wrote was all in a fun way as quite for sometimes I have been writing some serious stuff only.😄
      If anything was serious, it was my P.S. part, where I actually mentioned what I believe.
      It wasn’t intended to hurt anybody.But if unintentionally I did, I apologize for that.🙂

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      1. Heyy
        You must celebrate life as much as you can. Zindagi Na milegi dobara. And both irfan khan and nawazzuddin sidiqui are great actors and I adore them but I like abhay deol too. Why only like the serious side of cinema.Try celebrating valentine’s day, who knows you might like it if celebrating with a nice guy.
        But the view you share is the one in which you believe more than others.
        Doesn’t matter whose pocket it is, after getting married, it’s a joint pocket taking care of shared responsibilities.
        Good for your timezone, I can relate to that.
        There could be other ways too but the point of fast is if you value your spouse to have that much of control then you will go out of your way to take care of him and would treat them above your own needs and if someone does that for me, I believe my lifeline would increase too along with happiness in journey. If someone cherishes you this much, you would value your life and fight with whatever situation with more zeal.
        Unmarried girls observing fast doesn’t make any sense whether it’s karwachauth or 16 somvaar.
        Good to have a funny take too.
        Butt most important of all, never apologise for being you, you don’t owe it to please the world with you. People have grudges with how God treated them, we are still humans.

        Thanks for taking time out to respond. I enjoyed your write-up.

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        1. Yeah I enjoy light cinema too.😉
          Rest I am not apologetic for what I wrote. But I don’t have any right to hurt anybody with my writing or beliefs. So just did it, in case somebody took this too seriously. No harm in being polite.😉
          Even holding different set of beliefs, you enjoyed it. That’s good to know.😊

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  2. Thank you for explaining what this day is about. I was unaware it existed. Many countries have customs and different beliefs which I find fascinating. Since I don’t hold to any customs in particular, I found your post informative and interesting. I wonder, how many of the younger generation such as you, still believe the custom? I know in many places, religion is extinct, people no longer believe in god at all. Yet they follow the custom of christmas for example. Our entire world has changed so much, and mostly for the worst, I often wonder if our customs weren’t more important than we think. Just a thought as I have many. lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Undoubtedly any nation is what its roots are. Being an Indian I am quite fond of mine. 🙂
      But these old customs make me question them sometimes. Not the essence of it, but the belief on which it is tailored upon.
      So well yes, there are ladies who still believe in Karvachauth, including younger generation. 🙂
      All your thoughts are heartily welcome. 😉


      1. And rightly so. I am Cree native Indian. I don’t know enough about my heritage as my grandmother was taken and placed in a white family home so I’m currently trying to trace my heritage I’m glad you know and enjoy yours that is a wonderful thing

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  3. See I had no real idea of any of this and now I do! I have to say Im not sure that I could ever go the day without food or drink even if I really really loved someone Im pretty sure I will always love me and food just as much or maybe more hahaha! ❤ I am glad to read that some men fast as well. Love is a two way street or should be….still dont think I could do it….I admire these women though truly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Maureen, such customs exist in my India. 🙂
      For me, maybe fasting won’t be an issue, if I decide to keep one someday, but the belief behind it is.
      And yeah you read that correct, some men or boys too fast for their partners. Sounds sweet, i know. 😉

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  4. I thought in this modern era the women are also influenced by bollywood kinda celebrations resulting into disaster on pockets & health also. I amazed how women used to kept away themselves even from having water whole day though i’ve seen my mother doing this without any dents in wallet my father but i share a similar theory of getting out for delicious feast and celebrate this lovely festival on basis of love note.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True Sudhir. Dussehra, Diwali, Karvachauth and what not. 😀
      There are deep rooted traditions but unfortunately I can no more take everything as it comes. Questioning them has become a habit of mine, of which I am little fond of too.
      But at the same time have no issues with people who have their own ways of celebrating life.
      Thanks for putting down your view. Have a good day. 🙂

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  5. In That case why not man fast for the long life and well being of our woman 😛 Faith should not be punishing oneself, I remember an incident, me and my friend was on call, she told me she was fasting, i said what!! you dont have anything till the night??? she was like, No i had fruits and water 😛 ( Innocent ), I was confused, then she explained to me, that no god want to see his/her child suffer! That made me laugh. 🙂 So yeah.. Have food and live long 🙂 Cool post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. laughing out loud
      Thanks Josh for sharing this incident of yours. Really innocent she. 😀
      Well there are few men, whom we (girls) consider sweet 😉 , who fast for their respective partners. So in that case it becomes two-way. 😉
      I am glad you enjoyed your read. 🙂

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