I wish-said Nancy!

A huge art gallery
Beautifully embellished with amusing masterpieces,
Hordes of trippers
Admiring the depth of marvels increases,

With each passing chef d’oeuvre
My heartbeat touches the zenith of its ceiling,
How I wonder will they love mine too
Clutching both hands tight sensing topsy-turvy feeling,

Nine were praising number seven
My artwork was present at number eight,
Just one step away
Were the ones who will decide my fate,

Paramount it was
To have incontestable positive reviews,
So that the judges don’t get into the dilemma
Of whom to choose,

Flocks came
And flocks went,
Now judges came into the picture
I was the one they said came here with triumph as intent,

“Oh! How I WISH this was not fancy,
My only reality I could die for” – said Nancy. 🙂 😦
Above two were the lines
Which Nancy mumbled to herself ten years back in dismay,
Wish is mere a dream without a plan“-Quote by Nancy, the Nonpareil Sculptor
Is what the hoardings hold today in various country’s highways and expressways. 🙂

              No credits for Image and Quote used.
Copyright © 2016 by Idle Muser. All rights reserved.


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