A Plainspoken Interview of My life!

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DISCLAIMER Trust me NOT even that plain predictable interview!

“Today we have Ms. Aditi, the bestseller author of ‘Musings of an Idle Muser’ with us for a candid interview on herself and her life. After making a debut with her first novel, she already is being loved by many people and so these fans want to know more and more about this budding talent” said Swati (The Times of India interviewer).

βˆ— camera rolled closer to take my close-upβˆ—

“Thank you so much for having me here!” I said full of zeal.

Question – So Aditi, we all don’t know much about you. Let’s start with knowing about your education and the places you’ve lived?

Answer – Basically I hail from Himachal Pradesh (Dev Bhoomi, meaning Land of LordsΒ ), the state known for its scenic beauty, temples and handicrafts. πŸ™‚ But have been brought up in Delhi, capital of India.
I did my schooling from Delhi itself, completed my graduation (as an Engineer) this May only from Punjab.
Though all my life I’ve stayed in Delhi but personally I’d prefer to stay inΒ Himachal over Delhi.

Question – As you said you graduated as an engineerΒ then why writing?

Answer – I knew I’m gonna face his question ‘n’ number of times (βˆ—laughsβˆ—).
Writing is all about expressing and I’m an expresser. I believe in expressing every thought in a very creative manner (provided it’s not anger that I’ve to express). I don’t like bottling up my emotions and someday out of nowhere turn into a hurler. For this I need a mode of expression.
Though there are number of ways for reflecting one’s thoughts. But neither am I a good dancer nor a good singer (which I wish I were) nor that good a painter too (but not that bad too). So all I can do is write and write and just write. Now I feel I am born to write only. πŸ˜€

Question – Having said that you wish you were good at singing, are you into music too?

Answer – Yes, very much. I can stay without food for a day but NOT without music.
My songs are always turned on apart from the time when I write.

Question – What else do you like doing in your spare time?

Answer – As of my hobbies, I’m not at all a party-person, so naturally most of my hobbies are kind of homely.
I like reading novels and books (most of which are rom-coms only ,till now) and writing. Then music which I already mentioned. Furthermore, I’m kind of into cookingΒ as well. These were the productive ones.
Otherwise I love sleeping too. πŸ˜€

Question – So we should not expect you much in parties? (βˆ—laughsβˆ—)

Answer – Probably not. But you never know my choices might change with time. πŸ˜‰

As of now I’m a TRUE-BLUE CANCERIANΒ (my zodiac sign). So those who want to know about me, can go through the characteristics of a cancer person. This way they’ll get to know more or less about my personality.

Question – Who do you consider your idol?

Answer – Forever and ever Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. There never has been a person like him and probably will never be. πŸ™‚ 😦

Question – Who comes to your rescue when you are down? Or who do you look up to when you are upset?

Answer – My parents. Though both mom and dad handle different genres of my problems. πŸ˜†
My friends also keep on proving themselves as my problem-solvers. Otherwise I’m always there to be my own knight in shining armor. πŸ˜‰

Question – You being a young lady with nascent writing career, a lot of people want to know about your relati………….


βˆ—water splash on my faceβˆ—

“Wake up now before I throw a bucket of chilled ice water on you. It’s already 10” said my mother angrily.

And there was me, wiping water off my face and rolling out of bed stupefyingly.

Still pondering what was the last question that Swati asked! 😯

Copyright Β© 2016 by Idle Muser. Β All rights reserved.


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