You shouldn’t feel terrorized in your own territory!

So, most of you reading this must be a blogger, few won’t be. Many eyes must have seen and ears must have heard this, preaching about being who you are, not afraid of ‘what others might like and might not’ in blogging community. Even I was intended to do the same initially, but I hold, if not entirely opposite, little different opinion than the one I mentioned above.

We all (most of us) own a blog, and many desire to own someday. Many of us are years old, while many are few months (like me) or mere few days only. By now, the older ones must have developed a thick skin, having some-huge-figure plus followers can boost up anybody’s confidence. But we, the recent bloggers, a lot of times, face the dilemma of what to post and what not to. We are so self-conscious that at times we end up sharing the not-so important things, while the worth-sharing write-ups stay safe in our drafts. Being newbies and not-so-old-to-be-wise, we are not confident enough about the stuff we share. We are afraid of not being liked, of not getting enough comments, of being considered just another run of the mill blogger. When there is so much to be afraid of, how are we expected to just be ourselves? It’s tough. Isn’t it?

All of us must have done this, if not more then at least once, on realizing how idiotic stuff we just PUBLISHED

Being six months old, the most basic thing I have come to understand is,
Know you blog and the motive behind its creation‘.
There are thousands of bloggers around us but each having a different motive which makes every blog unique. Though that motive might be shared by your many fellow bloggers, that is all you have in common. There are chances of sharing basic concept of a post, but the way you present, it would be you, and you are, not in any way, a facsimile of someone else. Again, there can be similarities but a mirror image – No, that is not possible.

Lot of us call our blogs as ‘Personal’ blogs which being way-more general is much more of an obfuscated term than the streamlined ‘Travel’ or ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘Health’ blogs. When you call your blog ‘Personal’ the issue – ‘What are you afraid of?’ seems more real and scarier. Now ‘Personal’ blog can be either about your ‘personal life’s experiences’ or it can be your ‘open-daily dairy’ or personal can mean writing about anything related to everything or it can even be a means of helping others through a disease or an experience that you have suffered from. The last part came to my knowledge after I joined this blogosphere.
When it comes to publishing a post, some bloggers are as fast a cheetah who end up posting humongous quantity of posts in a single day, while some prefer to post weekly or even monthly.


Though I feel publishing monthly makes sustaining the following way more difficult, but then again it’s your own choice.

Now comes a question – Whether you are writing for yourselves or for others’ eyes? If you belong to the former party then you probably are reading this just for your leisure, and the latter party ones must be searching for an answer.
Even if you are writing for others, you need to bring yourself in harmony with what you write. You, not being satisfied with your write-up will presumably be reflected in your published post, and I am sure you don’t want that.
Once you teach yourself to walk with writing and satisfaction hand-in-hand, you can leap towards learning about your readers’ choice. Now, you writing for others, have to think from your readers’ perspective too. It’s only then that you can sustain them.
Sometimes, you might come across people who hold no ill-will but are just unaware of blogging-etiquette. They might suggest tell you how to write. Suggesting someone is one thing but directing someone is an altogether different matter. Try not to impulsively react to such people, and also, ponder over what they said. What they said, well after-all, might work for you.

Once, you are well-lettered with above mentioned things, you can take a leap towards declaring that – You are not really Afraid, but just not much aware and experienced.

People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.
― Paulo Coelho

So don’t just believe what I said, find it out for yourself. I shared what my experience taught me. Yours might have taught you other things, feel free to share them below.

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49 thoughts on “You shouldn’t feel terrorized in your own territory!

  1. 6 months old myself, High five! Although I haven’t posted for more than a month now :p
    I believe you have put forth the views that all of us newbies (not that new now though) have felt at one time or the other as we take our blogs forward. Initially started of writing on a more frequent basis and publishing almost anything and everything I had written irrespective of the quality but then with more followers comes more responsibility of the content and we end up becoming a bit more conscious and sometimes a little too critical of our works and that’s definitely something that I went through! Sometimes it’s just good to let go of these inhibitions and just write from the heart, after all your followers (most of them) are following you because they have been impressed by your posts at one point or the other, besides not every new post has to be better than the previous ones!

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    1. Hey! High-five!😄
      It’s alright. Everybody takes their time to create a blog and then actually start blogging.😁😉
      That last line of yours is something I need to have in the back of my mind, Aks. I become too hard and pushy at times. Relax Aditi relax, I would say to myself. But those are the times when I tend to ignore myself too (which is not a good thing).


  2. This one is much needed for me,being just six months old.I am still trying to figure out things.What should I ,what should I not.We newbies have lot to struggle with between they shoudl like us our content to we should write what we feel ,what we have analysed things so well with ever aspect.Thanks for this,hope we will keep going and doing better.Best wishes.

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  3. Hi Aditi, this is by far one of your best posts I’ve ever read. I’m agree with you in every point.

    You’ve very well described the difference between personal and specific blogs.

    I can’t agree anymore, Aditi. Just too good. 😊😊

    And congratulations on getting 500 followers. 😊💕

    One thing I’m not agree with is, you’re not a newbie anymore. You’re a pro. 😘😘💝

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    1. Thank you so much Sumit!😍😍
      Yeah, there have been things that I learned as soon as I joined this platform and that was – Personal blogs are way more anonymous and so need more attention and care.🤷
      Thanks again for the number.😋😃
      And no way. Nowhere even near to being a Pro. That is you being too kind.😄

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  4. You are just such an intelligent young woman. Im so glad to be here with you Aditi this post was excellent to read for all bloggers no matter the length of time any of us have been out here this is something so uplifting, enlightening and so needing to be said! XO! ❤

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  5. Beautiful post Aditi!
    I initiated blog solely for one purpose that is to maintain my own diary of travelogues although i was not getting a followers but i was putting whatever i wanted to pen and fortunately a magazine editor read my post & gave a 360 change to my hobby by publishing my travelogues.
    May be if by any means i was keen for no. of followers i won’t be able to persue my passion.
    All i want to say is to write whatever you feels right with honest heart,numbers are secondry its your passion & you that comes on primary preference.
    Have a great day ahead🙏😊

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    1. Agreed with you Prashant ,we all love to have followers,likes and comments .But at the same time avoiding what we want to put out there heartfelt might not sustain.And on the other hands ,if we will keep doing what believe in the numbers will eventually follow soonee or later.

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    2. Oh Wow. That is wonderful Prashant. I mean your travelogue being published by a magazine is a huge deal. Congratulations for that.😃☺️
      Thank you for your appreciation and sharing your views on blogging. This will help a lot of people, I guess.😊
      Hope you are enjoying your weekend.🙂

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      1. Thanks..athough i started blogging only with travelogues & short stories unfortunately ended up with poetries.I removed short stories & travelogues from my blog due to the guidelines of publishing contracts & working on my first book.
        As i told you many times,you write amazing & different so keep writing.
        I am having a great weekend & have a great weekend to you😊👍

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  6. it was really good , I was so apprehensive about writing publicly earlier but you just meet people here be a part of a wonderful blogging circle and know how others write what others write and know what people think of your writing.So i really feel good about blogging having said that
    I couldn’t agree more than i do to the point know the motive why are you writing, that’s the most important part of all
    Experiments with purpose are good but going haphazard not having a point to make is what’s not right, is what I think.
    It is a Delight to read what you write.😊❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And there you hit the nail on the head, Samridhi.😍
      You have managed to learn so much in such a short span of time. Amazing.☺️ Keep learning and keep sharing, girl.
      It is always a delight to know your views on my write-ups.😊

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  7. Quite a comprehensive post Aditi. We all write to keep our creative skills satiated. The comments and the follows do encourage a blogger but it should never be the defining parameter for the blogger’s success. I have come across some blogs with amazing writing skills, but somehow they do not have a huge following which is really surprising!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Radhika.☺️
      We all have our reasons to write, and so there definitely cannot be a certain set of rules to follow. But there can be a set of pitfalls we need to stay cautious of, and getting into the trap of numbers is one of them. The sooner we learn about it, the better.
      And as far as number of likes and comments is considered, I feel a lot of other factors matter too than just good content, as I have come across such blogs which have huge following and I wonder WHY!?!

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  8. Very well written post. Aditi,you have rightly elaborated the need of each one to find out for oneself and reach out accordingly.The number of likes or dislikes don’t matter but a single comment(good or bad) in the earlier infant stages of blogging does go very far in self encouragement and pushing oneself to the act of writing in itself.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So true Medha, especially the infant stages part. Every comment during initial period has a huge impact because during this time the only thing that keeps us going is our reader’s views and feedback.
      Thank you for going through this post Medha.☺️☺️


  9. A big applause Aditi for writing this. You’ve literally written out my heart. I know exactly how it feels and it’s definitely a challenging feeling. But over time I did realise that in blogging nothing is right or wrong as long as your intentions are true. The number of likes and comments sometimes do create insecurity in our minds but it’s more about being true to our purpose. I have also been here for just months(like you) but I certainly need to learn a lot from you. Sometimes talent has more influence than experience and you are the best example!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Oh thank you so much Joseph for such a huge compliment.😊☺️
      The best thing about blogging is that every blogger plays the role of a teacher as well as a student here.😃 There is no appointed teacher, no enrolled students. All just play their roles as needed.🙂

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  10. Great post! To answer your question: I write for both myself and others. Even though it’s called The View From My Window, I can write from seeing things from others perspective, as well. As humans, we all usually face the same struggles. They may vary in degree but life still has its ups and downs for all of us.
    My writings can be personal but someone else can still relate.

    As far as content… our blogs are obviously one of our many passions and we want to share it with others. But I’m never too concerned about the number of Likes or followers. My main concern is sharing my likes and comments with others on my blog and theirs. To me, it’s about community. Without that, my blog would be non-existent and I wouldn’t gain anything from sharing.

    You have an awesome blog and I always look forward to your posts.
    And…. I still consider myself a newbie because I still have so much to learn.😃

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    1. Hearing after a long time from you Laura.😍 I still remember yours was one of the blogs that I followed in the initial days when I started blogging.☺️
      Your views on blogging are very similar to fine and you elaborated your point succinctly. Thank you for that.☺️

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      1. Hi Aditi,
        It has been a while. It seems the more blogs I follow the less I get of those I followed from the past. It’s hit and miss with so many and I’m in the process of trying to eliminate those I follow that really do not have much in common with my views. I have over 27,000 unread emails and they are all blogs.
        I apologize for not being able to support you as I had in the past and I hope to be changing that soon.
        So sorry! Please forgive because you have a wonderful blog and I hope to become more supportive.😃

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh! That is quite a work to do, Laura.
          And I completely understand the difficulty on staying up to date with every blog. It is completely okay. In fact, I am glad that I am still there in your list of ‘to-be read’.😊☺️

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