9/11 – For once, when SATAN rejoiced!

9/11 Attack was the one that traumatized, shattered and affected number of lives and countries.
I was just pondering over this issue Terrorists issue, and ended up with,

What is better

Shrieks and Squalls?
Laughter and Boffs?

Bawling and Sobbing?
Soothing and Comforting?

Killing and Butchering?
Reviving and Nurturing?

Destroying and Ruining?
Constructing and Developing?

Hatred and Meanness?
Love and Selflessness?


We all will go with the same adjectives, I know. But still, intentionally or unintentionally we stand by their opposites.

India, Pakistan, United States of America, France and such ‘n’ number of countries, who is their creator?

We – Humans.

Unfortunately, today it’s us only, or shall I say some of us who believe in the dogma of destroying and becoming the soi-disant emperor of a world, left with HUMANS who have no control over their own lives.

I just wonder why humans are cutting the throats of species of their own.
What do they want to rule upon? What kind of superiority do they feel on slaughtering innocent people? Why these humans act entirely opposite to what they are supposed to?

What gave birth to these Satans?

But whatever the reasons be,

11-09-2001 was such a day, when for once SATAN rejoiced and humanity mourned. 😥

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Copyright © 2016 by Idle Muser. All rights reserved.



12 thoughts on “9/11 – For once, when SATAN rejoiced!

  1. I am not an American citizen but this tragedy affected me and I will never forget… I guess none of us will forget what were we doing when this terrible event happened. We will never understand how evil can be the minds who planned this tragedy.

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