A hearty welcome to all my old readers. You all probably know this blog in and out by now. So just barge in anytime and explore its newness.

Here, I grab the opportunity to make you all new people comfortable. Yes you, the new eyes trying to peep through the window of my place. Don’t be shy. Don’t peep, just pull the curtains aside and jump into my place through that window.


Oh wait! You could use that door also. Yeah, better. Use that door. Now I will show you my house.
That top, almost left-most corner, there you can spend a minute to have a look at About ‘THE’ Muser. It will make you aware of the kind of place this is, and will help you in deciding if you should offer more time in exploring this place or not. If satisfied, jump over to the next step.

The BLOG tab, at the top left-most corner, will take you to the main area of this place. But don’t get perplexed on seeing TOO much TOO soon. In the sidebar of that area, you will see a certain part about the top bakeries (TOP POSTS) of my place. First, visit them. They will give you an idea of what you can expect further.

And now, finally, if I could get you into the charm of my place, click that FOLLOW button, which again will be at the sidebar, below TOP POSTS.

Feel free to roam all around, check out every nook and corner, explore all the rooms which range from being spacious to tiniest.

Also, you can check out the ‘CONTACT‘ page in case you feel an urge to do so, i.e. to contact me.