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If you want to provide any feedback of yours or want to recommend something regarding my posts or want to touch base with me, this space is for you!

Also, if you have any uplifting criticism which you don’t feel right to put up publicly in front of other readers, you can do that in person with me. Right?
So go ahead. I am waiting for your views which don’t go with mine.

Need any help? Don’t hesitate. Just dish it out on

Or, here is a contact form. By adding following information you can get in touch with me.


Contact for Reviews

With endless books floating around, a lot of times we miss out the ones that are worth reading, that are worth living. I would not want to miss such kind of work. And as an author, you would definitely not want this to be happening with your darling piece of work.

So, what is stopping you? Want an honest review for your debut or a non-debut, send me the details to; we can discuss and then go forth with it.

Below are few of my reviews if you are keen to check out any,
A Fine Balance
Kafka on the Shore
Freedom at Midnight
The Bell Jar
Anna Karenina

Or you can rather go through my Goodreads account for a more comprehensive look.

Contact for Partnership/ Freelance

As trivial work writing is considered by many, it isn’t much so in practice. Writing has as much to do with novels as it has to do with the content on companies’ websites, professional blogs and what not! It is understandable if you are unable to dedicate as much time to that content as you want to alongside other tricky parts of managing your business and affairs.

So, need some help on writing front? Here I am. Write to me at and we can discuss what can work for both of us.

It need not has to be something strictly related to business; any writing project that asks for creativity and imagination, I’d love to be a part of it.

(Updated on 10th April, 2018)

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