A Mini-Germany rises in India on New Year’s Eve!

Oh! Look at you. Who are you? A body with such luscious curves and soft skin. Oh! Do you know your sole purpose of existence? It’s to entice us, to entertain us, to make us feel more manly. These must have been the thoughts running through the mind of each and every goon that night, that scary,…

Your warrior within!

“You look so pretty. I can’t believe my eyes.” He took a long breath and well, continued. “These years probably hit you like a magic wand.” She was there in a pretty peach colored maxi dress, which covered almost all skin of hers. Though her plan was to get dressed in a bright colored sundress,…

World – A better place!

Blue killed Orange Rejoiced his triumph which only he could infer was one, Proud of himself considering his great deed exerted by none, Blue got exuberated seeing the Orange suffer,

9/11 – For once, when SATAN rejoiced!

9/11 Attack was the one that traumatized, shattered and affected number of lives and countries. I was just pondering over this issue Terrorists issue, and ended up with, What is better – Shrieks and Squalls? OR Laughter and Boffs?