I need you too, Mother!

He was the little bundle of joy.
With a baby-like huge tummy,
and the tiny chubby hands,
he made the family giggle except one of many.

That one another little being
looking from a corner
sensed herself dissolving into the background,
who, she feared, would gradually disappear.

Her fear and terror and tension grew with every passing day,
For that little bundle of joy was now terrorizing the family
with his crazy deeds
that were turning them into the worrisome beings.

She knew that the unasked burden of being the good will fall on her.
She knew that the unwanted responsibility of being wise will be for her to take.
And it all turned out to be true sooner than expected which made her feel wry,
yet she took all the unasked and unwanted keeping her own self at the stake.

He was never bad in his intentions.
He just chose his persona early on time,
While she waited for him to make the choice- insincere, disobedient, bad,
And herself donned of whatever was left- sincere, docile, good.

“What is there to feel bad about being the good one?”
“How is it in any way worse than being the bad?”
Just few of the many questions her mind used to buzz with when alone,
Always arriving at no answers leaving her restless and sad.

Soon it became apparent to the family that he still needs guidance,
She, on the other hand, can handle all her matters as well as they will.
And it was this declaration that, instead of making her glee, made her spleen,
For from then on, she knew, she’d be on her own, against her own will.

“Your brother’s a mess, my little girl. He needs us”, mother would say.
“You will do fine, we know, you will shine, we’re sure”, she’d add.
With sparkle in her eyes and hope in her voice,
Mother took her hand off of the little girl’s grip leaving her stranded.

Wearing smile outside and tears within,
Waving with the sturdy hands which were trembling underneath the skin,
The little girl pretended to understand each word,
While, all this time, “I need you too, Mother!”- her insides kept screaming.


No credit for the image used.
Copyright © 2019 by Idle Muser. All rights reserved.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rainyshadows says:

    Heart crushing .. You put it beautifully


  2. Soma Kundu says:

    Very touchy, loved the lucid and simple language but leaves one emotional thinking . Keep posting such writings..will look forward


  3. Ankur Mithal says:

    Beautifully written. I think I have seen this happen many times in the real world.


  4. Shresht says:

    Hi Aditi I am new to your blog. But now I feel like I have fell in love with your writing. I wish I could write like you.


    1. Shivam says:

      True Shresht her writing is as beautiful as she is 🙂


  5. This one pierces the heart Aditi. This unfortunately is still the mindset of many parents in our country.


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