I wish you knew my love for you!

When you revisit your own old writings, you realize how far have you come. And another realization that hits you is the fact that the emotions with which you had written it way back are still intact, their warmth still tingles you mildly.
I hardly write poems; but I had tried writing some in the start. Here is one of them. Still close to my heart. Still as fresh as it was back then.

IDLE MUSER (aka Aditi)

So, here I go again. All the feed backs are welcomed open-heartily. In fact, DO provide your feedback on how can I improve my writing. 🙂

There passed a sleepless night
Both of them took a deep, restless sigh,

She knew she loved
But the other one felt unloved, 😦

She had to go far away in other city
Other one thought it was her way of escaping her present misty,

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  1. Yeah I get you girl,it’s really nice to realise how as a writer we evolve and so does our writings.
    I think practice is the key behind it.
    I have loved your posts so far!:)

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    1. Idle Muser says:

      That means a lot!🙂😃
      Practice- an absolutue one of the keys.
      Others can see the changed or evolvedbus but only we know how that evolution took place.


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