Nobody knew that the others knew-PART (1/2)

A cool summer day, which is not too often one gets to enjoy, was awaiting me when suddenly I realized the cold winter that my life was about to turn into. Just like any other day, I woke up and headed to kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for myself and a cup of tea for him; I never liked tea. But when I came back he was already up and had freshened up, which has never happened in the history of four years of our togetherness. I know it’s sheer stupidity to take this as a bad omen but my intuition has, most of the times, never failed me.

“How come you up this early?” I was hoping he would blame his severe headache; unfortunately he didn’t.

So, I insisted. “Is it your headache?”

“No dear, I am perfectly fine.” He took his mug of tea and added, “I forgot to tell you that I have to go for a 2-days meeting to Delhi.” He took a sip. “It’s bit different today. The tea. Anyhow. So, I will be leaving tonight.”

This was it. I knew it. There’s no meeting. He is cheating on me. He is! After my years of trust and loyalty, is this what I’m going to get in return?

I didn’t say anything to him. I didn’t want to. All I needed was air to breathe; my lungs were gasping for it. I went to the balcony and saw him dumping his clothes in his suitcase. Did I do something wrong? Was I not able to provide him the affection that I should have? May be what I did to her years back is catching up with me. I turned my back to him and let the cool breeze take my mind away with it. I didn’t want to think anything-not about that day four years back.

“Hey honey! I am leaving for the day. Will pick up my luggage in evening.”
He was his usual. His words didn’t mince. But he appeared to have changed somehow. Something was different-the way he looked at me perhaps.

Why was it only today that he had to do this to me? Just when I was to tell him-tell him tha-a-t-t…

I did watch him throwing his office bag from one window in the car. The unusual smile hadn’t left his face since morning.
The moment I entered into the car only then I could take a sigh of relief. I hope that she didn’t suspect anything. I should call her and tell about me leaving Mumbai tonight.

“Hello Krystal! I am coming to Delhi tomorrow.”

“Oh dear! Finally you will be here.” I could hear her running to other room and waking up Om. “Poor Om”, I thought. “Hey Krys! Don’t wake the little boy up. Let him sleep.” I tried but who does Krystal listen to when she is happy, or sad, or excited, or actually anytime.

“Om is too excited to meet you, dear. We have not seen you in months.” Excitement could be sensed through her shrill voice.

“I am longing to see you both, too. You have no idea how much I miss you guys.”

I told her of my two-day visit plan and hung up.
“Om, you awake?” No, he wasn’t. I caressed the little boy’s hair and went back to the living room. What wrong did this little boy had done? For that matter of fact, where had I gone wrong?

He thinks that I don’t know. Do I really seem that dumb to him? May be I am. If not, what makes me play to his tunes?
It’s been four years now since its start and I don’t know when it is going to end. Or if it ever is going to end. How did it happen?-I don’t know. Why did it happen?-I probably don’t want to know.

What is he coming back for? For whom? May be Om. After all Om is his son; or is he n-o-…!

I can’t live the lie forever. It chokes me with my every breath. I need to put an end to this.

to be continued…

Next Part here – Nobody knew that the others knew-PART (2/2)


                                   Copyright © 2017 by Idle Muser. All rights reserved.


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  1. charliekeinth says:

    hi! I noticed all your post are so good… I’d like to ask a favor to help me to improve my skills in blogging. You can visit my blog , I accept any suggestions and comments. I started blogging a few days ago, I appreciate any help. thanks!

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    1. Idle Muser says:

      Hey Charlie!
      Welcome to the blogging side of the world; and I am glad my blog didn’t disappoint you. 🙂
      I went through your blog and what I found is that it is a personal blog. Right? And for a personal blog to gather an audience and then to sustain it, is a task. Nobody, other than your friends and those who know you personally, would be interested in knowing what trip you ventured on or how bad your day turned out; so this is why I feel until and unless the owner of a personal blog (mine is personal too) doesn’t have something special to offer, to have an honest audience becomes tougher. So, look out for something that interests you and try to present it on your blog in a manner that seeks attention.
      In simpler terms, read your own blog-post as a reader before publishing it, and if you feel that what you wrote captured your attention and made you to read it till the end, you are good to go.

      Also, before you start out with publishing posts on a regular basis, I’d suggest that you get done with finalizing the look of your blog including: placement of required widgets and a bit more elaborate ‘About’ page.

      I hope this helps. 🙂 If you have anything specific to ask feel free to connect with me through my ‘Contact’ page.


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