Are writers overrated?


It’s been a few days since I was told something which didn’t go down well with me. I was told that the field I look upon with all sparkles and twinkling in my eyes, the field of writing and the job of writer is overrated. To be precise the exact words were-“Writers are overrated!”  Yes, overrated. It took me a while to realize that the other person has actually said it.

I don’t want to sound too defensive (which by the way I am very much right now), so I would start with the basic question that has been raised and the basis on which the other person had made that statement.

Just like any other art, say, dancing, singing and painting, writing is also a form of art. But not everyone dances, or sings, or paints; even, song writing, not everyone does that, but writing-I don’t think there is anybody who doesn’t do that. Is there? Yes. The unfortunate ones who couldn’t get basic education. So does the statement ‘writer (writing) is overrated’’ failed to prove true? Not yet.

Isn’t writing just the organized and logical written piece of the thoughts in our mind? This brings us down to-writing is the written form of one’s thinking. And who in this world doesn’t do the thinking part? I so wanted to disagree here, but that would be only to comfort myself. Even an animal, for that matter of fact any living being does think.

So, does that mark the statement in question to be true? I still am too far from agreeing with it.  And anybody who does agree here has, certainly, never tried writing.

Let me put forth my case here.

Writing is not always a fun-ride; most of the times it isn’t.


Not everyone who can write is a writer. The one whose story holds the power to take you into some other world through his/her fiction; the one whose poems hit you hard at your soul and make you realize the nasty facts of life, see the ironies of life, enjoy the unseen beauty of things-small and trifle; the one whose articles make you think over the other side of the coin, are the writers.

If I talk about writing a piece as short as of three lines (here, I am talking about those 3-liners which are much prevalent on social media), it might not be too laborious a task to write it down but it must be demanding serious (at times draining) thinking to finalizing the lines/words that describe the content in the best form. Writing effectively in as least words as possible restricts one using his/her tools. After all, the only tools that a writer does have are words and when one is asked to make as less usage of those tools, it does mark a restriction boundary.

Now, let me talk about a small piece like this write-up of mine, or other pieces of medium length. Here, what you are looking at is an organized, flowing and chiseled piece of writing (troll would be on me here if I did leave any technical mistakes here. I’m still striving for betterment.) But not even a pencil can be put to its use unless it is sharpened, then how can a writing piece flow out smoothly without getting hammered? It cannot.
If asked, writing this post titled as ‘Are writers overrated?’ wasn’t really tough for me. As all that I did here is wrote my mind, my perspective. No filtration was needed. But not all of my write-ups are such. Especially when it comes down to (short) stories, the most daunting task for me is writing. Though I love penning down a story, it is highly stressful a task creating it, at times.

Many would think how tough it can be to write something which isn’t even real? Well, I would say go on and try it. Story isn’t an apple hanging from a branch of the tree, which you can just pluck and get done with your work. Weaving a story is the process of sowing, nurturing, and growing a tree of apples in itself. The crux of a story can be an apple, but the whole story-I wish it was one!

There have been stories which I had worked on, they sucked up my energy to such an extent that I wanted to quit writing. It became too heavy a burden for me to carry. When (right) words don’t come out, when story doesn’t flow as smoothly as was expected, then you curse yourself that why did you even chose to write it!


Now, if I talk about the most-daunting, draining, strenuous task that a writer can pick up to work at is writing a book. Do you know what it can be like to think of a story which neither does sound too surreal to believe nor too plain to go unnoticed?
If not in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and other technicalities of writing, one needs to be a pro at being patient, perseverant, disciplined, and optimistic. All the technical stuff can (should) be learnt, but if you lack latter four then not even God can help you, let alone other living beings around.

Once writing is done, comes the tougher part of editing, and re-editing, and some more re-editing (it never really ends.)

If asked why writing/writer is still not overrated, here is my other argument.

How many music-lovers are there in the world? Billions. How many readers are out there in the world? Definitely nothing closer to billions. Whom does a writer writes for? His/her audience, if one has at all. It doesn’t take much of one’s efforts to listen to music, neither to enjoy a piece of sketch, nor to appreciate the dance moves of a dancer, but when it comes to reading the picture flips. Reading is one of the activities which along with being enjoyable, may ask for reader’s efforts too. Let’s be honest, reading isn’t fun, always. Another factor of lack-of-time does hinder one’s reading.  With the advancement in technology, a lot of other entertainment sources have replaced book reading. So here we can draw a conclusion that readers in this world are really less.

And if a writer still chooses to write, to deliver the world with a new world of itself, to risk one’s countless hours of efforts, I cannot second the thought of a writer being overrated. The time when most of the people are up for movies and Netflix, there still are (qualitative) writers who prefer to stay down and work to create the non-existent stories/articles for others’ eyes.

In fact, writers aren’t overrated, but what it takes to become even a good writer, if not an exceptional one, is undoubtedly underrated!

In case you do agree with the statement of writers being overrated, please do send me the stories, or writings that you have written. And if you haven’t written any then only one statement-No write-ups, no comments! Not everyone who can write is a writer.

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.
Thomas Mann
Shouldn’t it have been the other way around? It isn’t.

But okay, under the law of freedom of speech, you are free to share your thoughts here. So, how do you feel about it, about ‘Are writers overrated’? Phew! My defensive shield is down and now I am ready to receive and appreciate others’ perspectives too. Trust me, I won’t scratch your face if you do agree with writers being overrated. 😉


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42 thoughts on “Are writers overrated?

    1. Thank you!☺️
      There is no denying in the fact of certain writers being overrated; but the sight of many being underrated hurts me more.
      Thanks for the nomination. Will go through it as soon as possible.😃

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  1. Such an insightful post!
    As part of a final for university I had to come up with three short stories all which were different version of the exact same plot. It was not until I actually sat down to begin that I realized the difficulty in the writing process. As human beings, we all have stories, we all imagine stories that we wish to tell. However, putting them onto paper is an entirely separate matter.
    There are so many points from which to begin which bring you into foreign territories and complicated turns that may either result in disaster or genius.
    You’re so right, the process of editing and re-editing never truly ends, just as our thinking process and dreaming never ends…
    Thank you for this awesome post!

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    1. I’m glad you liked the post. 🙂
      Only a writer can understand the, at times, painstaking course of ending up with a satisfactory write-up. As they say, grass always seems greener at the other side and probably easier to grow too. Same is the case with the ones who feel writing is a cakewalk.
      Calling writing overrated, or writers in that case, can only be good for turning me into a maniac. 😀
      Do you still have those versions of story, that you wrote for your university, with you? I’d love to read them. 🙂

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      1. Yes, It is only through the experience, heartbreak, and fulfillment that is promised through writing that one can truly gain a true appreciation of writing and the book world in its entirety!
        Yes, I absolutely do! Yet, they are in French as my major was French, so if you read French, I am more than happy to offer them to you !

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  2. Writing takes a lot of courage! I put-in a lot of effort in all of my posts -I don’t post crap; each an every publish goes through multiple reviews. So, I can imagine what you are talking about.

    I would suggest to those folks to write something worthwhile and then continue it for long!

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    1. True, Alok!
      And that is why I am inclined more towards those blogs/writers for whom each and every post/write-up of theirs is a new-born baby, whom they care a lot about.
      It’s always my pleasure to get my posts reviewed or read by you. Thank you!☺️

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  3. Hey! Aditi..wonderfully portrayed post since i was struggling with my own story project, reading this post is treat for me.
    It’s easy to write everything but it’s even hard to write something that soothes or satisfy your own soul, it needs lot of dedication,focus & attention while writing something with heart and soul.People who hadn’t faced such challenges while writing tends to come up with such silly terminologies”over rated”.

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    1. Thank you, Prashantt! I am glad it reached you at the right time.☺️
      I cannot come into terms with the statement of a writer never having a breakdown while working on (at least) one of his or her writing projects. No doubt that writing is fun, but it doesn’t have the soothing effect all the time; there are times when one regrets and laments over the moment when he or she even thought of starting that particular project.
      So, writers being overrated-I don’t know. But underrated-hell, yeah!

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  4. Ah awesome post- I definitely think writers are underappreciated and agree with you. However, I think that even if as a whole writers are underrated, because a majority do not get as much credit as they deserve and aren’t as valued as they should be, I think there are some cases of authors who are overrated.

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    1. Thank you!☺️😃
      Oh yes! There are authors which are overrated and their number is tad high. But not everything that works for me will work for others. So I don’t mind people appreciating some author’s work whom I hated (not liked) with his/her first few pages.
      What I won’t ever appreciate someone saying is ‘writing isn’t much big a deal.’ I am not going to get into it, again. My whole post screamed it aloud for me.🙈

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  5. I would wonder about who said this – do you have to respect their opinion? Do you even have to grace their stament by thinking about it? (sorry I can be bossy, when these things happen). I once was minding a craft cooperative shop I was a member in, and struck up conversation with a woman. The topic of creative writing came up, and she said ‘oh, writing is easy’. I was supposed to be nice, I was the ‘shop assistant’, so didn’t get into an argument/discussion, but after bristling for a couple of hours, I dismissed her remark as not knowing what she was talking about. Bad writing is easy, good writing is hard work and needs craft and dollops of imagination, and determination, and is indeed an art – its one of the humanities, that is art production.

    Its the same thing, when some people say, ‘oh, I was going to write a novel about…’ but who haven’t done anything about it. And there is the old ditty about everyone having a novel inside us – but are these novels written?

    Cheers for now, my inner cat is hissing!

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    1. Someone seems pissed off. Do you know who is it, Lynne?😁
      This might not be the right time to joke around but you, Lynne, must be on fire while writing this comment. Even I was while I was writing this post but now, as it goes-time heals all the wounds, mine are better now.
      “Bad writing is easy, good writing is hard work”-I knew something was missing from my write-up; this was it. This one line would have been enough for me to shut anyone up who has found writing an easy task.
      Hope someone’s inner cat has calmed down now.😛

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  6. I think it is not overrated. I think writing is just an expression of yourself and people who have nothing to express, or people who express everything verbally feels insecure of the writers. They find it too difficult to write about something and hence they use the terms overrated.


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      1. Yes..hell no..
        About the book..see when i finished it i knew that the content was good, but i was not happy with the english..i mean it lacked the uniformity and every time i read it one or two errors appeared..i am promoting it on fb and other platforms but i am really bad at it..i am right now focussing on the next one..i think that is the only thing i need to overall the going is really tough..because other than the money and satisfaction of writing i was hoping for some feedbacks, friends r liking it..but u know friends will like everything i write..i think you got it..

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh!
          It’s better to focus on the things that you have control over.☺️ But just an unasked (cliched) advice-if you know about the loose points that your first book had, try not to get them back in the second one.
          As far as feedbacks are concerned, you can ask any of your knowns who can spare some time to your work and provide some useful uplifting criticism/feedback without being biased.
          All the very best for your next project.👍

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  7. I don’t think writers are overrated but I also believe it’s not really difficult to write. Just like we express our thoughts when we talk, we do same with writing. Just a mode of expressing oneself. And when you said that writers write for the audience, I disagree. Many writers write just for themselves. There are many great writers or poets whose work got published after they died and yet they were well received. Do you write for your audience or to express your inner voice ?

    As for me, I write for myself. If others like what they read, well that’s a plus but that’s not the motivation behind writing.

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    1. Hey!
      Oh yes after reading your comment I realized my ambiguous usage of writer. Within this whole write-up the writer that I was talking about is the one who writes for others. Someone who presents a well edited write-up, a write-up which has undergone through a griller is the one I talked about up above.
      I don’t know of any author/well-known writer who would deny the fact of writing for audience. If it weren’t for audience their books’ final drafts wouldn’t have gone to publishing house.
      Well for me, I do write for others. I write to express myself; my opinions, my stories, everything is for my readers’ eyes (most of the times). My blog is nothing near to my personal public diary. It is a place where I am me (not all the times though) but under the sheath of some fictional characters.
      My motivation behind writing is the spellbinding magic that bewitches me every time when I read a magical story; why do I not try to create some of it, the magic-this question makes me write. If I end up with something really good, I would pat myself on the back and if not, well, there are more sheets around the corner.😉 What satisfies me gets out here.
      Everyone writes for their own reasons. Good to know yours.☺️

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      1. Enjoy the list
        I guess it would be more true to say that I read something and wonder well I can do that or maybe better than that and it’s not for the audience alone but for fame and building a fan base and making people like you. Unlike nowadays people didn’t do it for money or fame but for the joy of writing and creating a piece.
        Thanks and good to know yours.

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        1. I might have gone astray with my above comment. With not writing for myself I meant not putting forth my diary-writings up here.
          By profession I am an IT (Information Technology) person but why my blog is not about some technology or other IT stuff- because that isn’t what I love talking about (which by the way I should); what makes me happier and satisfies me are the stories and articles that I get to write here on my blog. I might not be too excited to go to work tomorrow but when it’s the day to publish my post, excitement doesn’t let go off me.
          Topics or issues that hit me hard are the ones that end up getting published here. I didn’t write about, say, the ‘Demonetization’ phase of India which could have (could have not too) fetched me higher likes/comments at that point of time; rather the topics I prefer writing on are the ones I feel strongly about, ones which I believe should get across others too.
          Take an example of this one-“Writers being overrated”; why did I such a long article on this- because I completely disagree with it.
          When I said I write for audience, it meant the grilling part of my write-ups. There are high chances that if I had copied and pasted my diary entry on the same topic, it were only a rant with no rational thinking, with careless usage of punctuation and grammar.
          When I know I am writing for others I am more cautious of words I am choosing, sentence structures I am using. Lot of editing goes into my single piece when it has to be up for audience.
          Writing has become a lot more commercial nowadays but that doesn’t mean people in past didn’t use to write for money. But again, a true writer’s main intent should be of expressing oneself first and then if it can get one money too-what greater joy could be more than that?! Also, if someone is a writer by profession, writing is the only way of earning one’s bread and butter.

          So yes, I am the one who
          I might have come across as a commercial writer (which I am not) and that’s is the only reason I wrote this long a comment to get things clear.😁

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  8. Not everyone who writes is a writer. Writing isn’t just penning down a paragraph. By going that even kids doing homework can be termed as writers.
    Writing is putting your thoughts on the paper in a manner which others can sync with and not just mumble words. The mind has to filter which words will suit while defining a particular thing.

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