Don’t underestimate the POWER of a COMMENT!

A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.
― Lee Odden

From the beginning itself, I have been more of a comment-person than the like-one. No, not that I comment on the passersby; commenting on what I read. To be honest, it is humanly not possible for a ‘working’ person to stay updated with all the blogs that one follows. Sometimes, one might skip an interesting post by A and other times by B. But then how do we make our presence feel to A when we read his/her post, or to B? Most of the times by liking that post. Is that it? We liked a post, but for me the question is that what specifically did we like about it-its plot, or its narration, or its writing style, or some specific lines, or what?

I am not at all stressing on not liking a post or always commenting on it but to do it often. Just out of a habit, maybe. If we want to make our presence felt to the owner of that write-up, we should preferably comment, and not some random comment; we should try to stay specific to the content of that particular post as much as possible. Once we have talked about the post, then, if we want, we can beat around the bush. This is not any hard-and-fast rule but my opinion, which in every way is beneficial to both the parties on blogging platform.

The formation of my opinion is also the result of my inability to stay updated to all the blogs that I follow, all the time. There are such bloggers whose writings I like more than those of others, but due to some or the other reasons miss them out. That is why I, almost, never leave an opportunity to not to comment on what I read. At times, I also just like few posts as I do not understand what I actually liked, or maybe I liked everything, or, maybe, which happens a lot of times, I wanted to write but couldn’t because my manager caught me or was about to catch me red-handed reading you people instead of reading the report that I was assigned to work on. Red Alert! See how I play with fire just for you guys. Ah!


WordPress is similar to Facebook or Instagarm only on the grounds of its category-a social platform. What sets WP apart from rest of the platforms is that it has much more to do than simply clicking a ‘like’ button, especially if a blog is more about anything but writing.

Actually, there should be a ‘Dislike’ button too. Well, it might be harsh to press the dislike button over a piece on which someone has worked hard, but…Yes, but there should be a box for commenting compelling us to ask what in particular we didn’t like about that piece. This way even if the writers feel bit low, they will actually be getting benefitted by such comments.
Why I always keep on suggesting even when not asked to?

If you accept all the praise, you have to accept all the critics.
-Chris Brogan

Tough deal. No?

There is nobody out there who is perfect, and neither are we. Blogging can be a fruitful experience, only if we learn and teach simultaneously. What make us perfect are our imperfections, as cliched as it may sound, we all are strong believers of it. Aren’t we? But imperfections can be worked upon is my belief.
So, when we spend our time in reading someone, we should devote another minute or two in unveiling the mask from our LIKE, and drop that comment of ours laying down what specifically we liked or maybe didn’t like about that piece. It can be both ways.

I would end this saying with what I started-I always try to comment on whatever I read, as just liking a post or article seems to have wasted my last few minutes. I try to make my time count, and here, on WP, this benefits both the parties-writer as well as the reader.

Successful blogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.
-David Aston

And comments-they play a huge role in building one. I can vouch for that.


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35 thoughts on “Don’t underestimate the POWER of a COMMENT!

  1. That’s what I always wanted and you have stated this point so beautifully. Comment do play an important role in the journey of blogging making it more exciting, beautiful with the spice of some criticism too as you have said nobody is perfect neither we are. That’s particularly I find it wonderful. Love to read you always.

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    1. Thank you so much , Sudershana!☺️
      I am glad we are on the same page in regards to this subject. Many feel commenting means extolling, but I firmly believe commenting is putting one’s honest and genuine foot front.
      Thanks again for going through this post.☺️


  2. I think It’s good idea about having a dislike button associated with mandatory comment section. And author should have the authority to allow comments display for public or his/her eyes only. This is tough for people to take criticism at public platform. I don’t really know it this facility is there in word press because i am just a reader here.

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    1. Definitey, Akpedri!
      As I had mentioned in my post, lack of time is one of the important factors that gave rise to this post.
      But just a few lines, which you sufficed succinctly, can do a lot.
      Just like yours did here. 🙂


  3. A post with difference again..i am on the same page with you on this particular topic as the comment is more valuable than a gold star for a writer.It not only shows the interest and involvement of reader but help us to learn new things whereas feedbacks acts as the key to improvement & moral boosters especially to a beginners.
    A dislike tab is not an encouraging aspect for any writer morever it is insulting or disrespect towards writing, you can always put on the reasons of disliking a post to writer.
    Bdw now i know why i have more “like” than “comment” from your end😉😉😛
    Have a great week ahead☺

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    1. It’s now that I do realize, after listening to the views of many of the bloggers, that availability of dislike button should actually never be even thought about. I think of a lot about non-existent possibilities, which actually do not exist for some good reason, while writing. 😀
      See, I actually play with fire to post comments, at times. 😉
      Good day, Prashantt! 🙂

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  4. Great post, Aditi. I feel like you do about wanting to comment and not just like, by the time I’ve read through a blog post. It’s giving it due consideration and showing appreciation for the time someone has put into a post. For me, liking does save time, but it feels cheaper somehow…but then I’m thorough about most areas of my life. Not sure about dislike buttons, too much a sense of being able to potentially make someone feel bad, which i would never want to do.

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂
      ‘For me, liking does save time, but it feels cheaper somehow’ – A replica of my feelings. And that is why when I find myself just liking more than two or three posts and not commenting (for some reasons), I quit reading. Yes, I simply stop reading any more blogs for sometime to not feel guilty of just loitering around. It might sound bit over-dramatized but this is how it is for me.
      And when I am back in form I get to reading them again. 🙂

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  5. “Awesome “was a word I liked very much till I entered WordPress.. but nowadays it’s heard all over…lost its genuineness like the words thanks and sorry. What we feel on reading an article, express it wholeheartedly without any honey coats..

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  6. I feel guilty about missing blog posts, I just want to read as much as possible but there is no way you can, or rather I can, keep up with everything and everyone.
    Mentioning the “unlike” button has me thinking. I don’t know if I’d have the heart to actually press it.

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    1. Neither would I have the heart, Kris.
      It was just my wild thinking that this ‘Dislike’ button came into existence.
      We can write something in Comment section itself if we didn’t like something that much. A simple solution that crossed my mind after publishing the post. 😀

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  7. Comments either positive or negative should be genuine. It should reflect what the reader liked or disliked or disagreed with the post. Such comments help to connect better and grow as a writer.

    Some bloggers do take time to read your posts and comment while there are many like loyalists who always hit the like button to your post. 🙂

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  8. Very true…..and it’s always wonderful to connect through these comments…it’s not just only judging a post, but it’s a humane contact, simply showing support and appreciation for the hard work, and spread friendship in the community…’s very essential to comment on posts…:)

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  9. I enjoy posting comments as well as receiving them. It is really motivating. But i hate that kind of people who pick up a fight through comments. I belive comments should be crisp and to the point..not without a dash of affection and motivation!

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  10. Great post! Comments can make such a difference. It builds relationahips. You get to know your readers better by them sharing a bit of themselves in the comment.
    I always find it interesting to read my comments and to see what stood out to people about my post.

    Comments can entertain as well. I have a fellow blogger who has become a dear friend. A friend with a very sharp a
    Wit. It is not unusual at all for us to exchange wit back and forth in our comments.
    My readers have come to expect and enjoy it.
    He does leave some very real affirming comments as well, it’s not just witty ones.

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    1. And this is one of the strong reasons I support commenting over simply hitting the like button.
      You never know when a comment can pave a way to long-life friendships, just like the one you mentioned here. 🙂

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  11. Good post! 😉

    There is never enough to respond to blogs. I feel bad sometimes when a LIKE is all I’m able to leave because time is not on my side. People put a lot of time and effort into some pretty amazing blogs and should be told so.

    Unfortunately, the flip-side of this is the “serial LIKER” – they NEVER comment…just zoom around from blog to blog leaving LIKES. Not trying to cast aspersions…okay, maybe a few…LOL! Leaving LIKES takes time too. However, many bloggers end their posts with questions to engage blog visitors. Just would be nice if visitors took a few seconds to respond…not LIKE and run! 😉

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    1. I feel much the same way. I find myself recently “liking” comments more than anything else, simply due to time constraints and more importantly not feeling like I have anything relevant to add to the discussion.

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    2. It’s always fun to read your comments, Nesie, that you sprinkle here and there over my place. Humor that they hold just make them stand apart and often they don’t beat around the bush (even if they do, I love them 😉 ), but hit the nail on the coffin. 😀

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  12. I like that writers have the authority to preview comments before posting, if they choose that setting. There are so many trolls who comment out of spite that I don’t think I would approve of a “dislike” button–not because I can’t take the criticism but because of the futility in fighting stupid commentary that has no value but to put someone down. Thankfully, there isn’t as much of that here as there is on FB or Insta, but it IS still here on WordPress, just sort of…lurking.

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    1. Yours was the first comment on this post and just with the mention of ‘better that we don’t have a dislike button’ seemed better to me too. After all the whole purpose and the positive aura of this place would be at stake if that ‘dislike’ button actually had been put here.
      Lurking, well, what to say!
      Not only trolls but humongous amount of spams too would have been getting the acknowledgement, which they surely need not be given.
      Thanks for sharing your views, Sunny. Yours was really the first one to get me re-think of my wild thinking (of dislike button). 😉 🙂

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