Reader’s Digest India Competition!

DISCLAIMER-One of my shortest post on WordPress.

All those who have been my followers since quite a time now must be well aware that when it comes to writing-short sentences, or short passages, or even short comments on your write-ups are just not-my-type. Out of my fifty published posts on WordPress, I hardly have five posts (including this one) limited to 200 words. Otherwise all of my writings stretch up to, if not more then around, 600 words (which, by the way, crosses 1000 too, at times).

So,when it came to finishing a story within the count, which I don’t even realize having crossed while writing, of 100-words for Reader’s Digest India competition, I was sure I was going to screw it up. I was asked, very plainly, to start and finish off a story within 100-words. And my straight face said it all.

Well, I took my shot on the challenge. Tried to chop off every word, as small as an article and as important as a verb, which could be avoided, and here is the outcome,


My entry, luckily, is chosen as one of the 15-winning entries.

Do provide your feedback on my story. Any kind of critical feedback will be embraced as gracefully as the appreciation.

PS – This one again crossed the count of 250. My bad!


     Copyright © 2017 by Idle Muser. All rights reserved.


27 thoughts on “Reader’s Digest India Competition!

  1. Congratulations Aditi !!
    I loved your story, being a BSF ward I have seen many such lives lost around. It’s a heartbreaking story and sad part is many have to live it and the moment captured in story stays etched forever.
    A salute to our brave soldiers, putting everything at risk to make sure the nation’s head is always held high.

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  2. That is amazing! Conveying the emotions in minimum words is truly an art that I am yet to master (my shortest post is 2500 words and the longer ones often clock over 5k necessitating splitting of posts 🙈). You inspired me to try and keep my next post to within a thousand words! Thank you for sharing this ☺ Oh and I almost forgot, congratulations! 😀

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    1. 😀 Thank you!
      I can completely resonate with the restrictive feeling one can feel to finish up in less words. But, yes this art-more in less, is important too. I am glad if I could inspire you with keeping your future posts shorter. 🙂

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  3. Congrats! Aditi…i can understand the pain of containing your writeups to a certain took several attempts to contain my first published short story into 1000 words but then after getting with four more stories i realised it is as an art to convey your story in minimum words.
    Congrats once again & lots of lucks for future endeavours👍👍😊

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