Oh! Happy Independence Day!

“Come on. This is our nation’s day. We got to do something!” He exclaims with a touch of pride in his voice. Such are the days that make it harder to single out the real pride, if present, from the delectation of being gifted with an official holiday. It has been more than an hour that he is repeating the same meaning in the face of almost same lines with different words fitted in between. “It’s our day”, “It is India’s day” or “It is your day”. Poor guy. He thinks replacing a word every time would be enough to get her out of her exciting monotonous routine of staying at home, and of course sleeping, which she is trying to do now.


After listening to his rant, that too for more than an hour, her patience has been wearing thin and she is done with it now. So, she brings her almost round face out of the cozy blanket and narrows her big black eyes on him. “See I am not going anywhere. You just celebrate your day and let me celebrate mine”, she growls at him. Pulling over the blanket back on her face, she tries to adjust herself which seems more like squirming on her bed.

This infuriates him. The thought of joyous moments of one’s nation makes one feel proud and full of enthusiasm. But her behavior is making him red now. Trying to cool himself down, he takes a deep breath and starts, yet again.

“Parade is such a delight to watch. Isn’t it? People performing their folk activities are so much fun to behold. Remember on last Independence Day, this same day, we all went to India gate. Didn’t we enjoy?” He took a pause and added, “At least show some respect for our freedom fighters who sacrificed themselves for this day.”

He notices some fiddling inside the otherwise still blanket. What the hell is she doing under the blanket?

“Are you alright?” He asks her when the movements don’t stop. She comes out of her blanket with a red face as if she has been trying to control either her anger or her laughter. Within a few seconds, she bursts into the laughter and asks him, “So you want to celebrate Independence Day outside my house?” A desperate yes from him comes to her as an expectant response. “Are you sure you want to celebrate Independence Day not inside home?” She asks him again.

“What have I been trying to do for last an hour?” He takes a glance at the small wall-clock hung above her bed and continues, “No. Actually two hours now. Obviously we cannot stay in. We ought to celebrate our Independence Day outside witnessing the celebration with our fellow Indians.”

“Sorry to break it to you, but you have to wait for few more months to enjoy these celebrations.”
He gives her a puzzled look,


to which she responds with a rollicking laugh and says, “Happy Republic Day Mr. Proud Indian. You have moved eight months forward and visualizing Independence Day on the day of Republic Day. And by the way our freedom fighters are remembered for Independence Day. Republic day gave India its own constitution, freeing it from the one of Britishers; turned it into a nation which could form and run its own government.” Saying this, she rolls over back to her sleeping position.
“Technically we might have got our freedom on Independence Day, but if a nation is restricted even to run its own government, I cannot fathom it as an independent nation. So, for this day, if you want to show some respect, show it to them who drafted our constitution legally on paper.” She said from under the blanket.

“Oh if that is the case, is this how you will show your respect to them?” He pulls the blanket off her face.

“You are not going to let me sleep. Are you? Anyhow, I believe to know the real reason and history of this day has already paid my share of respect to them. So, now you pay your share, google everything, and in the name of India let me sleep.”

PS – Not just he, but I am sure many of us are not crystal clear with the reason Republic Day is celebrated. I tried to share a very fine nugget of reason in a few plain, basic statements. If you want to dig deeper into it, you can click on this, or just reach out for your life savior, Mr. Google.


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44 thoughts on “Oh! Happy Independence Day!

  1. Haha,hilarious it is. Very well written. Enjoyed a lot, at first seeing the turtle, I was like what? It’s a republic day and what she is up to. Then, I said one sec I should read it first before framing any opinion.

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  2. Oh!..as soon as my eyes hit on the first word of topic i prepared to get ready myself for one more intellectual read.
    You know this is not right but i don’t like the idea of watching parade though i know it has many reasons to watch but it never clicked my senses.This is the only big thing i missed to watch while putring up in Delhi.
    By the way…have a great weekend ahead😊💐🙏

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    1. Thanks Prashantt for being one of my regular readers.😊
      This post was more about ‘how we just get into the mood of celebrations without even knowing the essence of a festival or an occasion, and of course a day’s off that we get to enjoy.’ Even I, being a resident of Delhi for more than fifteen years, have never enjoyed the parades, for no specific reason though. So, even I am not in the state to comment on – If witnessing a parade is that a big deal or not.
      And yeah sorry to disappoint you, as this writing was everything but nothing much of intellect.🙈
      Hope you are leading a beautiful weekend.☺️

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  3. For an instance even I was confused… Anyways, you have a point! We Indians are bothered more about getting a holiday than actually knowing the reason for the holiday. And yes, a lot of the Indians still don’t know the difference between independence and republic day, but everyone knows the similarity that it’s a holiday😋

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    1. It must have happened with many, Jothish. No doubt in that. 😀
      Having a holiday on a weekday is every working person’s euphoric dream, and we curse every that occasion/festival which chooses the weekend instead for us to be enjoyed. “Dammit! It took away our holiday” – We say. 😀
      So, I feel we should enjoy our holiday knowing the rationale behind any celebration/festival/special occasion. 🙂

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    1. Well, I never thought of facing such question (maybe you didn’t even ask one). But here it is. Would answer it the way I feel about it.
      Being of specific country can be a matter of being proud of, but belonging to a specific race or religion should never be. When we are born in a specific country, we get to know the rough past, or glorious past, or tough journeys that our ancestors went through to make our nation what it is today. I don’t know, it just sends a warm sense of prestige, of honor within. And if we don’t like the way our nation today is, nobody has shackled us down; we can get up and get it changed what we feel should be changed. I just don’t know but being an Indian (for me) is an honor I feel really proud of, though there are things that I don’t like and doing my part in changing them. But I just love being a part of Indian community. 🙂

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        1. It might be the case for you, but for me, it is not. 🙂
          There are things I might not like and would fight until the end to change, but the culture we have, the hardships we faced and defeated, these things make me feel good about being an Indian. 🙂


  4. Lol my fingers went in frenzy to correct you as soon as I read the title of yours..but then I was like..nah..she can’t be this dumb and I might catch something interesting in her post and voila there I see … different intake with a beautiful message ☺️ Still, it’s a completely different feeling to watch the parade 🙂

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    1. There are comments which just pull off your day, and this comment was one of them. I mean “she can’t be this dumb and I might catch something interesting in her post” – this line just brought an ear-to-ear smile on my face. ❤
      Thank you Neal. 🙂
      I myself have never witnessed live Parade, but I am pretty sure that it must be something someone would not like to miss. 🙂

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