A Mini-Germany rises in India on New Year’s Eve!

Oh! Look at you. Who are you? A body with such luscious curves and soft skin. Oh! Do you know your sole purpose of existence? It’s to entice us, to entertain us, to make us feel more manly. These must have been the thoughts running through the mind of each and every goon that night, that scary, evil, shameless, and unforgettable night. As if the act wasn’t enough to rage us, some officials added their ‘mandatory’ cherry on the top of the envenomed cake. It’s been almost a week since we have entered in 2017, and many of us are happy with our start, while many are not; but these not-so-happy ones will get fine too, soon. But you might not know that there are many who are trying forget a nightmare that they lived through the passage of 2016, a nightmare that will live with them for a long time, and leave a scar forever, just like a clingy crab’s sting; they are the ones who are wishing that that New Year’s eve had never happened, who will never be able to erase the trauma of being violated in the mass of thousands.

It’s been a while since I have shifted to Bengaluru (also Bangalore), due to work of course. Before shifting I had talked to few of my seniors regarding how the place is. All of them were like – It’s really a good place and stuff. But above all that one of my seniors said ‘It’s safe for girls’. What a relief. Isn’t it? But this NY’s eve proved that statement wrong (though this isn’t the only incident to prove ‘Girls are safe here’ statement wrong, but yeah, it definitely was something out of the blue). So what exactly happened? Let me give you a brief of it.

For my non-Indian readers : Bengaluru, in the southern part of India, is known as the Silicon-valley of India for being India’s major contributor in the field of IT.

Normally, the New Year celebrations are ordained to be wrapped up by mid-night, but this time, the deadline was extended till 2:00 am. This extension was made for people to enjoy, and cheerfully bid adieu to 2016 and gleefully welcome 2017. MG road and Brigade road of Bengaluru are comparatively more bustling places and are thus considered good-to-party areas. So most of the crowd, in thousands, gathered in these areas to dance, party, and enjoy themselves. But did they enjoy? Some did. Yeah they did enjoy in a totally disastrous, unacceptable, and disgusting manner.

Thousands of men in large groups, in their pride of being a man, took to these areas only to molest ladies. So what did molesting include – groping, lewd remarks, and even robbing them off their wallets and other belongings. According to News reports, some women had to remove their stilettos to run and save themselves from becoming the prey to these cruel vultures. It hits me horrendously to even think of the scene; I can’t imagine the distress and misery of these ladies. In fact, many drunkards didn’t even spare police women, who were present there for their duty. And all this happened in the presence of 1,500 policemen. Yes, this is not some imaginary figure, officials have confirmed that they had deployed 1,500 policemen to ensure safety of everyone, especially women and the picture is as vivid as possible, they failed miserably.

And over all this an official, a political party’s prominent esteemed leader preferred to blame women, yet again, to shrug off the dreck spread by those goons. What he said? Here it goes,

If my sister or daughter goes out with another man to celebrate the New Year and her father or husband is not with them, do you think she will be safe? I don’t think so.
In modern times, nudity is considered fashionable. It’s a huge blot on Indian culture.
He also compared women to sugar and petrol, and men to ants, and very intellectually, or shall I say literaturelly said that where there will be sugar, there will be ants and that petrol will always attract fire.

To his first statement, I would like to respond with – There were numerous women who were escorted by their partners/ relatives, yet they were not spared from being groped and molested. Any comments Mr. it’s-always-the-woman’s-fault Leader?

(Source of the statements: Here)

It wasn’t the first time that for politicians, the blame game took precedence over the main problem. Almost every time when such incidents take place, many people (including some women, which for me is the worst part) start blaming the victimized women for not dressing up ethically, for not talking morally, for not walking decently, maybe for not breathing legitimately too. I mean whom are you trying to fool? Yourself?

It’s not what we wear or speak, it’s statements like these that motivate such rascals to get onto women and treat them like worse than objects. 

More or less, the same idea for SEXUAL ASSAULT

We Indians know how to seek inspiration, perhaps what we need to learn is from where to draw inspiration as Bengaluru’s incident of Mass Molestation seems to have been inspired from Germany‘s  incident. It takes us back to Germany’s 2015 New Year’s Eve celebration where there were reports of mass sexual assaults, at least 24 rapes, and numerous thefts in Germany, mainly in Cologne city centre. There were similar incidents at the public celebrations in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Bielefeld.

One of the victims of Germany’s 2015’s NY Mass Assault

For all of Germany, police report that 1,200 women were sexually assaulted and estimate that at least 2,000 men were involved, acting in groups.

(Source of Germany’s Mass assault’s data : Here)

It’s not about how women are dressed, what culture a nation is embroidered with, it’s about the mindset of men and women, and unless such foul-minded people change their ideology and perspective of viewing women in this world, no matter where we go, no place can ever be considered safe for us, for women.

Proud of living in my own Germany? Certainly NOT.

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63 thoughts on “A Mini-Germany rises in India on New Year’s Eve!

  1. In spite of all rules, why this shame happening again and again? Laws have not worked; Playing safe has not worked; Educating people has not worked. What else will? Movies like Pink & Dangal would have inspired many but those movies only strengthened the good men to be more good; but what to do to these uncultured men, who falter time and again? No ready made answers yet but a solution must come soon to address this issue.

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  2. Shameful dawn of 2017 in Bangalore. As always, it is the act to a bunch of losers who have low self-esteem and are scared of openly engaging with women for fear of rejection, who suddenly become “brave” because of the anonymity a mob gives them. While identifying and punishing the culprits is required, how do we prevent the next incident? Frankly, and sadly, I don’t think our society has a solution.

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    1. How true Sir.😑
      Unfortunately we’ve such a disheartening picture of our society in front of us that it becomes unbearable at times to stay among such people.
      As far as a solution is concerned, there has to be one. And of one that I know is – Replacing coward and cheap mindsets with some sensie and ethical ones. ‘How to do that?’ can be a question to be pondered over.


  3. This was such a shock to hear the next day. Living in such a city where half the population is unsafe because of some of the other half is not an ideal situation! My mom now speaks about this a lot and makes sure that I don’t go anywhere far unaccompanied. I live in a secure gated area and here, too, guys when going on the roads in bikes stare at me and my friends and whistle. If we walk past them they make lewd comments in a very low voice assuming we won’t here, just for the rush of it. Bangalore has been my home all my life and I want to continue living here, but if it’s like this I don’t think I’d have a choice.

    These comments from the party leaders stoke the fire in me from the Nirbhaya case. I still haven’t moved on from that and all the blame on women. This doesn’t happen only to women who dress modernly. Even muslims who are completely covered up are targeted. Did you read the newspaper, where a comment by a man who sports long hair was quoted? Men catcalled him too until realising that he is a male. I was proud of my city for being the IT capital and everything, but what is the point if this is the mindset? I just… I can’t take this blame on women.

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    1. I can totally relate to you girl. Though I’m here in Bangalore just for past few months, but eve-teasing in a concept practiced freely and with full pride in every part of the world, somewhere more, somewhere less.
      This NY’s incident surely was one of its kind, disgusting and an eye-opener, that no matter how many ‘so-called’ layers of protection you try to provide to the citizens in the form of police, goons would find a way or the other to proliferate through these layers, only because these layers are just for the name-sake. Also, the absence of a harsh punishment boosts up the confidence of such creeps. It’s high time that goverment take some serious steps in this direction.

      But to you, young girl, I would say – Stay strong. Don’t endure anything unacceptable nor let anyone does in front of you.

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  4. I followed this news on CNN and it’s simply disgusting and sad how any society feels women should be treated like this without stiff sanctions of the perpetrators’. The lack of punishment just emboldens them and making the women feel guilty is beyond deplorable.

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    1. True Jacqueline.
      I hope government understands the implications that not having severe punishments for such heinous crimes have. Words cannot resonate with such kind of people. Only hard ways will work for them, which should be implemented with the utmost urgency.


    1. It’s really awful Maureen to come across such a heinous incident near my place. This was the first case of ‘Mass-molestation’ in India, and I hope this was the last one too.
      I wish this incident acted as an eye-opener to my fellow natives, and we lead towards a bright 2017.


  5. Being a fellow Bangalorean, yes this incident has pained me a lot too and it’s horrible to see the fear it has created amongst my friends of the opposite gender. Over the past few days a lot of the blogs I follow too have expressed their fear and anxiety which this on incident has created in them and it’s a pity that the media talks of women’s empowerment and gender equality one day and broadcasts such painful stories on the other. A hard stance must be taken by the law providers and by the public in general and that could probably be the only way, we can stop this wonderful city from going the Delhi way.

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    1. Exactly.
      The saddest part is – Victims are afraid of lodging complaints, and violators are wandering around, guilt-free and fearless. It seems as if it is the fault of a victim of being born as a woman. Hypocrisy is what we live with and live in.
      But you know what? I don’t think the molestation cases we are hearing about, now-a-days in bulk, they have increased now. I think they have been there all this time, but now they have started coming in front of all of us, in public.

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      1. I agree with you on this, it’s the media that has been selectively broadcasting stuff that they feel appropriate. But these days with social media so prevalent, the so called ‘minor’ issues (in the eyes of the media) are becoming more public now and that has probably nudged them to include this as well as part of their news. It pains every individual alike with these incidents happening ever so frequently these days. The first thought that came to my mind when I read about this incident was of my sister. She works in a different city and thus has to stay away from us and yeah,I fear for her safety. So what I’m trying to say is, it surely has shaken us all alike.

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        1. Absolutely, social media is playing a crucial role in spreading awareness, now-a-days.
          Same is the situation back at my home too, in Delhi. Though I feel, our conscience should be hit hard, not only while thinking about our near-and-dear ones, but about any female. That is when we will rise above such situations, and can set examples for others.
          Ask your sister to take care. 🙂

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          1. That’s true! But in any such situation, our minds first think of our loved ones before we can comprehend the situation in its entirety.
            What’s amusing though is my sister’s working in Delhi now and you’ve come the other way 🙂

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  6. Hi Aditi, thanks for posting about this issue.
    I first came across the dark side of India through Katherine Boo’s non-fiction “Behind the Beautiful Forevers”. It echoed many of your distresses and sentiments, where the facts were so raw that I questioned whether some of them could ever be real. But since then, there has been a wave of similar reports that I find extremely confronting. As a traveller, India is intriguing; as a female though, I’ve always had second thoughts about visiting…

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    1. Hey Jolene,
      This incident of ‘Mass-Molestation’ gave me chills. I literally turned into a deep red raging fury when I came across the details of NY’s eve. It was disheartening.
      You, being a traveler, I would say ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ to you which means – ‘The guest is equivalent to God’. India believes in this saying, and applies it too. Some foul-minded people will always be there, no matter where you go, but otherwise I would say ‘Come and Visit our beautiful land’. My land will surely surprise you through its beauty and Indians through their welcoming nature. 🙂
      But when you come, make sure you plan a visit to my place too. 😉

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      1. What I don’t understand is this: don’t these molesters have mothers, wives, sisters or daughters? What would they feel if their loved ones are violated?
        Haha I will – I also want to take a train ride where there is window room only (I hear there’s plenty that almost ride on the roof😝). There are so many facets to India that fascinate me so it is on my agenda 😊

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        1. They must have, probably. What they don’t have is their conscience. blank face
          You heard that right. Even you can take part in the adventure of travelling on the roof of the train. 😀
          We, Indians, are waiting for you. 🙂

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    1. True Prakriti. I was shocked when I learnt about it.
      Praying and hoping for a changed society, a society which understands the worth of a woman, and doesn’t qualify her for the status of being an object, as we are in a desperate need of CHANGE.


  7. I’ve been to Bengaluru but never thought what happened on that night certainly a shamful act as i had feeling that the place is more developed with people having broad mindset as compared to Delhi NCR & then this cheap comment of one politician that you mentioned is certainly not acceptable and shows us the real development of our country.
    To be precise bieng a M gender i feel there is no problem in clothes of women,its a problem of perception the way we see them.All we need is to educate more people to change thier mindset & perception towards women.

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    1. Prashantt, the thing is these acts aren’t new. In fact these are much more prevalent in our society from a long time than many other things but now they are being covered by media in a larger proportion, and social media has become more of a news channel, letting us know the latest news, be it any, which I feel is a good thing.
      And yes it is all about perspectives and mindset. That is the root cause of such vulgarity and monstrous acts, not anybody’s dress. I hope more of MEN think like you, have a mindset like yours. It just kills me to from inside whenever I come across such foul people’s thinking process and thoughts.😖
      Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts!

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  8. In order to escape accountability for their lack of control over the city, the politicians will do everything in their power to promote forgetting in the media. If secrecy fails, the politicians will attack the credibility of the victim just as in this case. 

    But no matter how much evil I see, I believe that it’s important for everyone to understand that there is much more light than darkness.  🙂

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    1. Politics isn’t wretched in itself, but it’s such kind of politicians that have turned such a prestigious and honorable field into a dirty mire.😑
      I too want to believe that there is more light than darkness but reality around me has become a reflection of entirely different scene. But I still have hope and faith,like you, that it will change for better, my society, someday.🙂


  9. Usually most of the groping cases in Germany used to go unnoticed before the immigrant problem started. I have witnessed indians abusing Germans and other indians defending it . Likewise I have seen. French abusing Indian women and others in France. The problem usually comes out in the public depending on who did it .. where it happened and who was the victim

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    1. Yes, most of the violators were refugees and not the natives of Germany.
      The sad reality is – it never was an issue of place, but always of mindsets, and the worst case scenerio is people around us not realizing this.


        1. Probably. But the Bangalore’s incident, all the goons were the natives, if not of Bangalore specifically but of India. And it’s a shame for me to believe this fact.
          Hoping for a better and a crime-free 2017.


  10. It’s not about what women wear, or where they go; or even sex – it’s about trying to control women and keep them in ‘their place.’

    Real men have no need to do this. They’re self confident and respect women. But the INFERIOR males? They travel in packs like dogs, or use alcohol and drugs…or weapons to gain the advantage over women, otherwise, they have none. Which is part of THEIR problem.

    And yes, these inferior males are elected to office and work in law enforcement and the court system – and unfortunately, some are even related to us. They protect each other, and are part of the victim blaming and shaming. I believe they feel assaulting a woman not only takes away her dignity, but also her power. Sadly, sometimes that is the case, but no longer the norm.

    Young women like you, and the women who have posted here, are doing a great job of getting the FACTS out to the public. You’re not silent and complacent – you’re pushing back and putting the shame where it belongs.

    Much respect!

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    1. Thank you so much Nessie for sharing your views. I completely agree with whatever you mentioned.
      Though it is believed that writing provides a sense of relief, but this specific post made me more agitated with every word as I proceeded, Nessie.
      It’s heartbreaking to listen about these cases, every now and then. I never thought that this year would start with me writing such posts, but this is how it is, unfortunately.

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  11. Damn, my stupid fingers pressed send too soon….

    Anyway I was saying that 8 can’t agree more with each sentence of yours. The last pic is the ANSWER to this problem. Punish or rewire the thinking of those who think that a woman is at fault every time. Well written piece girly.

    I’ve guest posted on a friend’s blog about this just a while back. Check my blog if you have the time and do post your comments and thoughts about it. Thanks…

    Keep writing great prices like these, girl!

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    1. No problem Pradita.
      Unless strong laws are implemented against such crimes, India can never rise above this level of mediocrity. We have developed so much, metropolitan cities, new technologies, and what not. But what is the use of all this if the mindset of our people isn’t ready to grow and widen itself? A nation is represented by its people first, and then by its architectural development or hike in economy or other factors.
      I’ll go through yours soon.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.😊

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    1. Sadly thia is what the condition of a developing county is. We are among people who believe modernization is westernization so they are against it, and who feel molestation isn’t as bad as raping so it’s okay to molest.

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