Successful creation of blog against the Conspiracy of whole Universe



Well..finally, I mean it eventually had to happen, this year or maybe 5-10-15 years later. So this being my first post I’m super-excited with the mere thought of having a blog.

Actually I created one way back in ’13 or ’14 too whose username is out of my memory now. So forget it.

Even this blog wasn’t created within minutes of pondering over the idea of blogging. It took months (many..and trust me lots of them) to finally create this blog.

The whole universe was plotting against me so that I couldn’t get into blogging but I did. You know LIFEΒ actually is like this. You see something, you think over it (optional), you get inspired, and you get into turning that inspiration into your own reality. This is how it’s supposed to work. Isn’t it?

But unfortunately rarely does it work like that. How it actually works like is- See -> Think over (optional) -> Get inspired -> Think and just keep on doing that for hours/months/years -> Forget -> Get another (so-called) inspirational source and the vicious circle goes on and on. Hardly are there any chances you will literally work over your inspirations. I mean look at this (though I really am proud of myself that I actually created one finally), creating a blog took me a period of months. And there are hell lot of big things in life which are not only harder to achieve but also time consuming , which fortunately creating my blog wasn’t.

Still many such people are there who not only turn inspirations work out for them but, themselves become a source of inspiration. So hats off to such people.

Aarghhh..I don’t know which way my post will end. And what I’m actually trying to convey through this. But I think I can use this first post as a chance to brief out the things I guess my future posts will be about. Well it’ll be an amalgamation of everything like,

Emotions, Family, Friends, Dreams, Relationships, Books, Writing, Reading, Music, Movies, Humor, Deep philosophy (at least that’s what I call it), Special moments, Zodiac Signs (not horoscopes, see there’s a difference) etc. etc. And yeah sometimes about me too. etc. etc.

Even I’m not sure of anything yet. But yes one thing that I assure you is, it’s gonna be about LIFE.

And while writing this I realized that it’s 1st of July. How could any other month be better than JULY for starting this blog, or in that case starting anything. C’mon it’s the best month. πŸ˜€

Soon will get back with a post with a real thing embroidered to it.

One last thing that I realized after writing this post is that I use ‘think’ and ‘actually’ too often.

But yes this Thinking (which turns into over-thinking oftentimes) fortunately works for me. And if with you this isn’t the case then don’t do it (thinking) too much. πŸ˜‰

Don’t know how this first attempt went. So help me knowing it through your comments. πŸ™‚


Copyright Β© 2016 by Idle Muser. Β All rights reserved.


32 thoughts on “Successful creation of blog against the Conspiracy of whole Universe

  1. […] Date of birth of my blog IDLE MUSER is 1 July,2016. It is about to get 1.5 months old. I started this blog as I wanted to do write. Write something, have an audience to read it, audience which can provide me feedback, audience with whose writing I can connect or who can connect with mine. This blog fulfills each of my requirement. Also, if you want to know little more about my blog’s creation, you can go through my first blogpost. […]


  2. Thinking is the process of evaluating the next step.
    Life offers countless options.
    Most people get swayed at birth and onwards ‘towards their destiny ‘.
    Others, want to be involved with the choices they make.
    Few, really persevere to build a legacy.
    May God lead you into all His plans for your life!

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